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Choose winning Billboards before launching the campaign

Eye-Tracking empowered actionable insights
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Eye-tracking solution trusted and used by small & big companies

Comparsion of 3 creatives on Placement 'highway'

Win The Battle For Attention

According to a Nielsen study, a majority of individuals who notice a billboard will look at the message at least some of the time.
Those who see it are then about 50% likely to highly engage with the ad, meaning they'll remember it and take advantage of the billboard's call to action.

"To win this battle brand needs to understand what's Eye Catching and Attention Grabbing."

Get Actionable Insights in a numeric way

PDF eye-tracking report contains:
  • A/B test comparison between your creatives,
  • benchmark on Global Attention Score,
  • in-depth Design analysis with Design Score,
RealEye automatically calculates Attention Score and Design Score in comparison to all other content tested with us in last 18 months. We can provide our panelists or you can use your, recommended sample size is N = 70.
Sample Reports

Choose which creatives have the greatest potential for your OOH campaign based on numbers, not guesswork

How it works?

RealEye analysis software registers all the eye-tracking gaze-points of panelists while they're viewing virtual city environments (Placements). This is performed using regular webcams. Each virtual Placement has its own benchmark based on billboards with the lowest & the highest Score. RealEye benchmarks new creatives vs all historical ones and calculates the Placement Score for each of the placements.

Attention Score
The Attention Score is calculated based on all Placement Scores. RealEye can Benchmark your billboards to find out which of them grabs most attention in real-world environments. This can be performed before launching the campaign.

Benchmark for 3 creatives

Design Score
In-depth eye-tracking analysis for any creatives which reveals which parts of them grab viewers attention most and match design expectations.
The Design Score is based on expected exposure time vs. real exposure time for chosen areas.

Expected vs Real exposure time (% of total time)

Lucas Koldys
Analytics & Insights Deputy Director, WaveMaker Poland

"RealEye has created a tool that allows us to quickly and easily choose the most effective display or OOH formats."

Lucas Pytlewski
Analytics & Insights Director, WaveMaker Poland

"Wavemaker have gained a tool that lets us quickly and methodologically carry out pre-tests for OOH and Digital ads. "

Use Attention Score to benchmark your creatives

Design Score helps you choose between few creatives

Prove your choices based on numeric reports from tests

Frequently Asked Questions

Either your or RealEye panelists. You can invite your own users or panel and share the study with them using a participation link. All they need to have is a laptop/PC with webcam. We also have network of panelists from all over the world. Randomly picked users can be assigned to your task. We will not show them your website before the test starts so they interaction will be natural. Don't worry, we don't do laboratory tests in corrupted environment.
We're benchmarking your creations against all others which were tested with us till now on our placements. We're not representing real world environment but benchmarking gives us ability calculate how your graphics are performing based on overall score in comparison to other creations. Thanks to this you can either A/B/C test your creations and benchmark them versus others.
Absolutely not, our friendly user interface allows you to simply upload your creations and wait for PDF report. Online training is included in some Plans in case you'd like to know more about our methodology.
You'll get your creation score maximum next business day. We're usually sending our panelists as soon as you start the study and PDF report is ready few hours after they all finish the job.