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RealEye for Kaunas University of Technology

KTU is a leading Lithuanian university providing a wide range of studies and closely cooperating with business. The University provides studies of engineering, technologies, physical and social sciences, humanities and arts. The research groups working at KTU contribute to the global scientific knowledge by conducting cutting edge interdisciplinary research on the most important questions of current time.
We had a chance to interview Eglė Vaičiukynaitė, Researcher & lecturer at KTU.

Egle, why did you decide to move your eye-tracking research to the Cloud?

Due to the COVID19 situation, I was searching for new ways how to measure visual attention from a distance.

Why did you choose RealEye?

I have received several recommendations from neuromarketing researchers. Therefore, I have explored a Real Eye solution, as well. I have tried this solution several times and tested various stimuli, including my own generated stimuli from previous eye-tracking studies.

How fast and handy was your integration with RealEye?

I was impressed by the ease of use and the outcome (results).

Eglė Vaičiukynaitė
Researcher & lecturer
School of Economics and Business


RealEye for Rensselaer Lally School of Management

As part of the country’s first technological research university, the Lally School of Management uses a technology-driven business education to shape leaders who have the perspectives and experiences needed to meet the multifaceted challenges of the 21st century.
We had a chance to interview Gaurav Jain, assistant professor of marketing at the Rensselaer Lally School of Management.

Gaurav, why did you decide to move your eye-tracking research to the Cloud?

Due to the covid-19 pandemic it was not possible to conduct research in my lab. After reading about the camera-based eye-tracking, I was comfortable to move to web-based eye-tracking.

Why did you choose RealEye?

I searched for various companies and talked to a couple of them. Beata (from realeye) seemed to know about eye-tracking and she understood my issues immediately. Also, Adam was nice to be flexible as per my requirements. Thus, I chose realeye from the options I had.

How fast and handy was your integration with RealEye?

Very fast and convenient.

Gaurav Jain
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Rensselaer Lally School of Management


RealEye for Toyo Gakuen University

With over 90 years of history, the educational institution was first established as Toyo Women's Dental College, and it was later transformed into Toyo Women’s College. It became the present-day Toyo Gakuen University in April 1992 with the objective of providing rich educational experiences to cultivate individuals equipped with skills and talent for the international stage. The University now consists of three faculties, four departments and a graduate school.
We had a chance to interview Sarah Louisa Birchley, adjunct lecturer at the Toyo Gakuen University.

Sarah, why did you decide to move your eye-tracking research to the Cloud?

During the pandemic, all data collection efforts had to be moved online, and RealEye was a great option for substituting in-lab eye-tracking experiment.

Why did you choose RealEye?

I've tested several webcam-based eye-trackers, but RealEye provided the most reliable and robust measures, not to mention their convenient and fun interface for self-calibration.

How fast and handy was your integration with RealEye?

There's room for improvement, but setting up your eye-tracking study on RealEye was very easy and intuitive. Realeye also has a great support team, who are highly professional and responsive.

Sarah Louisa Birchley
Adjunct Lecturer
Toyo Gakuen University


RealEye v6.13 Filter by quality

RealEye 6.13 release notes:

  • Heatmap filter allows filtering testers by quality.
  • Quality statistics algorithm has been improved. Here's how it works.
  • Study Quality Statistics page is now available. Click the "Study Quality Stats >" link on the Study results page (top right).
  • Minor UI/UX improvements and bug fixes.

Special thanks to Cole, one of our customers, who has given us a lot of feedback.


RealEye v6.12 Release Notes

RealEye 6.12 release notes:

  • Faster eye-tracker initialization on low-end hardware.
  • Improved tutorial for participants.
  • Possibility to revert running study to draft.
  • Possibility to tag participants and filter heatmaps by those tags.
  • Minor UI/UX improvements and bug fixes.


Case Study Video Advertisement with Facial Coding

Beata Lewandowska
PhD Candidate, Beata Lewandowska
7 min read + 2 minutes watching creative ads!

In the world of advertising, one of the most crucial indicators of advertisement success is what emotions it evokes. Of course, it’s important for an ad to be noticeable and to draw consumers’ attention, but (especially for video ads) emotions seem to be the key.

The image below shows the difference in the entertainment level of two Heineken advertisements. It's clear that one of them brings more entertainment to viewers and this pretty clear that this insight can help a lot when planning a campaign.

How to discover those insights?


RealEye v6.11 Release Notes

RealEye 6.11 release notes:

  • Possibility to create study with multiple videos.
  • Video stimuli can be uploaded via web browser and hosted on our servers.
  • Technology whitepaper updated.
  • Facial Coding improvements.
  • Minor UI/UX improvements and bug fixes.
  • Backend engine upgraded to PHP version 7.4


RealEye Eye-tracking system Technology Whitepaper

We've made a lot of improvements in our webcam eye-tracking technology for the past weeks. That's why we've decided to prepare new technology white paper with the focus on the eye-tracking accuracy.

You can read the RealEye Eye-tracking system Technology Whitepaper.


RealEye 6.10 - Improved webcam eye-tracking

RealEye 6.10 release notes:

  • Improved accuracy for various background stimuli.
  • "Gaze vs. Click" accuracy in the "Quality Stats".
  • Video eye-tracking from 3rd party CDN, with the possibility to add multiple videos to a single study.
  • Collecting payment address data for better invoicing.
  • Customers can access a billing area for their invoices and payment history.
  • Minor UI/UX improvements and bug fixes.

For getting the most useful results, please read our support article: How to get accurate results?


RealEye 6.9 - Test quality details

RealEye becomes even more transparent when it comes to eye-tracking data analysis. With version 6.9, it's now possible to see detailed statistics for every participant.

For getting the most useful results, please read our support article: How to get accurate results?

RealEye 6.9 release notes:

  • Test quality details page.
  • Minor UI/UX improvements and bug fixes.


RealEye 6.8 - Smartphone as an additional eye-tracker

It's now possible to get even higher webcam eye-tracking accuracy by using your smartphone and your PC/Mac webcam.
See DEMO of an eye-tracking test and use two devices to see how it works.

RealEye 6.8 release notes:

  • Smartphone as an additional eye-tracker.
    We recommend an Android device and Google Chrome web browser.
    Sadly, Apple has blocked browsers on iOS to use iPhone's webcams.
  • Possibility to specify RealEye participants region and language.
  • Export of AOI Fixation Order and AOI Click Count to CSV.
  • Minor tweaks in the fixation filter.
  • Participants no longer see the results after finishing the test.
  • Minor UI/UX improvements and bug fixes.


RealEye 6.7 - Annual Subscription gives two months for free!

An annual subscription is now available! Subscribe now and get two months for free! Check Our Pricing >

RealEye 6.7 release notes:

  • Annual subscriptions.
  • Performing eye-tracking tests in Firefox is now possible thanks to performance optimizations.
  • Improved eye-tracking precision and accuracy.
  • In the case of multiple webcams, allow choosing which one to use.
  • Speed up heatmap loading time.
  • Minor UI/UX improvements and bug fixes.


RealEye 6.6 - Enhanced surveys

It's now possible to get more feedback from the eye-tracking test participant thanks to customizable questions.
Every image, video, or website can now be followed up with a single or multiple choice question.

RealEye 6.6 release notes:

  • Questions can be asked after every stimuli.
  • The study page has now the "Participant"-centric tab to show precisely the test flow.
    It also has the "Items"-centric tab to show survey results in one place.
  • Heatmap offers now a new AOIs CSV export with more details. Eg. Time To First Fixation for every AOI for every participant.
  • The dashboard is now also available in Spanish and Portuguese (Brazilian).
  • Minor UI/UX improvements and bug fixes.


RealEye 6.5 - Improved accuracy and performance

RealEye version 6.5 comes with a new face detection algorithm and many performance optimizations. More detailed face mesh allows us to start working on face coding. We plan to provide emotion analysis quite soon.

RealEye 6.5 release notes:

  • A high sampling rate (up to 60 Hz) can now be achieved even on a low-end laptop.
  • Slight head movements have a smaller impact on gaze prediction.
  • White label tests now use a separate non-branded domain.
  • Minor UI/UX improvements and bug fixes.

We've started working on the Spanish and Portuguese versions of our service. Having now the improved webcam eye-tracking, we're also preparing to allow up to 20 minutes long studies soon.

NOTE: We support only Google Chrome and Chromium-based web browsers (e.g. the latest Microsoft Edge).
For example, Firefox does not offer hardware acceleration, which causes too low accuracy and precision of our eye-tracking algorithm.


RealEye 6.4 - live websites testing (beta)

The long-awaited feature, live website testing is now available. All you have to do is:

  • create your eye-tracking study at
  • add the website URL, that you want to test
  • choose participants and send the participation link
  • wait for results
As a result, you’ll receive a recording of each tester (gaze and cursor).

Do you want to test it by yourself as one of the participants? Click here!

RealEye 6.4 release notes:

  • Live websites testing (beta - works on Chrome and Firefox)
  • uploaded image size limit increased from 12 MB to 30 MB
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.


RealEye 6.3 - Unlock testers for another study

From version 6.3, we now free the unused tester slots, when the study finishes. We still make sure that when a study is being run, you can get a specified number of testers. That's why we lock the requested tester slots. Now, if you change your mind and finish the study before all participants do the eye-tracking test, you can get that spots back in the pool (monthly usage) - and use them in another study.

Please be aware that when you're requesting RealEye panelists and we've already ordered them for you, then you will not get that spots back.

RealEye 6.3 release notes:

  • Unused participants and RealEye panelists slots get unlocked when the study is finished manually.
  • Study gets automatically finished when all results got collected.
  • Own participant count can now be set with a step of 1.
  • A single study can now have up to 100 images.
  • New pricing.
  • UI and UX improvements.
  • Bug fixes and security improvements.
Enjoy! :)


RealEye 6.2 - Fixation filter and signal noise reduction

Analyzing your data based on fixations is now possible thanks to our new fixation filter and signal noise reduction :)
By default, we're detecting 100 ms long fixations using gaze velocity, working on interpolated, denoised eye-tracking data.

A few things worth noticing:

  • Heatmaps are now using the "Fixations" view by default.
  • You can customize the Fixation Filter to your preferences.
  • You can export a CSV file with info about fixation count for all your AOIs.
  • You can switch to the previous "Gaze points" view if you prefer that kind of data.
  • Heatmaps and recording are now using denoised data (moving median).
  • You can control the noise reduction algorithm strength for heatmaps and recordings.

RealEye 6.2 release notes:

  • Add Fixation Filter - based on gaze velocity.
  • Add Signal Noise Reduction - moving median.
  • Add data interpolation (to 60 Hz).
  • Work on gaze data outside of the screen range.
  • Minor UI/UX improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.
We would like to thank Nick, one of our customers, for giving us a precious feedback about the new features.


How to use the RealEye platform? - guidebook

Using RealEye is easy, even if you don't have any experience. It's user-friendly, but if you need any assistance or have any questions, the RealEye team is always ready to help. Find out by yourself why customers appreciate their support.

Read more ...

EyeTracking part 2


Video eye-tracking - RealEye v6.1

It's now possible to get eye-tracking data for your video! :)
How to do it?

  • Upload your video to YouTube. You can set it to be "unlisted".
  • Create your eye-tracking study at
  • Send the participation link to your panelists or use the ones we provide.
  • That's all! You can now see the gaze recording and eye-tracking heatmap for your video.
Would you like to become a panelist in the demo video eye-tracking test? Click here!
You can also check the sample video eye-tracking recording here and sample video eye-tracking heatmap here.

Main updates in version 6.1:

  • Video eye-tracking.
  • Recording playback performance improved.
  • Minor UI improvements and bug fixes.


RealEye 6.0 - Up to 10 minutes study and higher accuracy

Many of our customers want to conduct studies much longer than 60 seconds. We've been working hard on making it possible, and we've finally succeeded! :)

Version 6.0 of RealEye has improved the calibration process. Thanks to that, you can now run studies up to 10 minutes long! Panelist spends a bit more time preparing for the study, but it results in even higher accuracy and precision than before.

Main changes in version 6.0.0:

  • Up to 10 minutes of study is now possible (increased from 1 minute).
  • More advanced calibration.
  • Better head movement handling.
  • Higher eye-tracking accuracy and precision.
  • Some UI/UX improvements.
  • A few bug fixes.


Why you should consider using eye-tracking insights in your thesis or scientific research (and how to use online, remote version)

Regardless if you're a student, doctor or professor, every researcher values the power of data. The more data is collected, the more valuable are the study results. So there's no need to explain to you why it's always good to have additional insights, including ones from eye-tracking. (...)

Read more ...

EyeTracking part 1


RealEye 5.7.0 - Improved user interface

We've made quite a lof or UI changes in version 5.7. We believe that now doing an eye-tracking study is even more comfortable than before.

Main changes in version 5.7.0:

  • New UI/UX. Quite a lot of major and minor changes.
  • We've decided to use the name "panelist" instead of "tester".
  • We've decided to use the name "image" instead of "item".
  • Improved the dashboard performance.
  • Improved recordings (eg. handling images with various aspect ratio).
  • We now store results from panelist that, for example turned head too much.
  • Study can have now up to 40 images.


RealEye 5.6.0 - Eg. heatmap download

Since recently released version 5.6.0 you can now simply download the eye-tracking heatmap.

How to download the heatmap?

  • 1. Open study heatmap
  • 2. Press the "Download Heatmap" button.

You can also use the "Customize Heatmap" menu and download the version you like the most.

You can check this feature on our sample page.

Other changes in 5.6.0

  • We will warn you before ignoring a panelist.
  • New, improved look of gaze point on gaze recordings.
  • Basic and Study plans are now limited to 15 Hz.
  • More attractive calibration process - exploding dots.
  • Minor UI improvements in some places.


The world's first 60 Hz webcam eye-tracking is here!

We are really excited to give our brand new 60 Hz webcam eye-tracking into your hands! We've been working hard on making it possible to offer this new feature so your research can get to the next level. Thanks to this feature you can get gaze-point recordings with a gap of just 16 ms between them. 30 FPS webcam offers a gap of 33 ms.

Hardware and software requirements:

  • 60 FPS webcam
    To use our online 60 Hz eye-tracking you only need a webcam that can record at 60 FPS. We've been testing it for example with Logitech C922 camera. You can easily find many affordable 60 FPS webcam on the internet. A webcam has to offer 60 FPS at a resolution of at least 720p.
  • PC/Mac with at least 3 GHz 4-core CPU.
    We recommend 6th gen Intel i5 or better.
  • Up to date version of Google Chrome browser.
  • RealEye Plan that offers Sampling rate up to 60 Hz.



How to get user's feedback to improve your website properly

Whether you want to reduce the bounce rate (people leaving your page after visiting only a single-page), A/B test your layouts (i.e. new layout vs an old one) or just find out what people think - we've got you covered!

We're proudly announcing a simple tool which we've created as a RealEye sub-service which is called: RE/Feedback

Bill Gates once said:
"We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve"

RE/Feedback is a great tool to understand the real reasons why people stay or bounce when they visit your website. It's super-easy to use - all you need to do is put your URL, leave your email address and after just 24 hours read the report. Our clients are satisfied with received insights and are willing to use our tool again in future projects.


How Can You Know If Your Billboard is "Catchy" Enough to Generate Leads in Today's Ever-Changing, Tech-Driven Market?

Although digital marketing is all the rage these days, offline marketing and traditional advertising media are still forces to be reckoned with.

According to Mikhael Marchenko, CEO and co-founder of StickerRide, "The Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising market in the United States is $7.3 billion and growing.” He goes on to state that, "consumers have multiple encounters with OOH advertising every day, so for brands, it is important to target in order to receive nationwide coverage and to increase brand awareness.”

Billboards vs other media comparison


How UBER optimized their home page design for conversion - eye-tracking insights

Every website has a purpose - to advertise, introduce or encourage people to purchase a product or service. To achieve these goals a website has to be eye-catching and clear to visitors.

But how a web designer can be sure, that design is catchy and clear to everyone?

The answer to this question can be an eye-tracking. UBER has significantly improved its website in the last year.


🔥 Heat your heatmaps with custom views

From now on, you can use sliders to customize your heatmaps. Make sure you're not missing any important insights by changing:

  • gaze point size [px]
  • gaze point shadow size (blur) [px]
  • scale opacity [%]

Check our sample results to see how it works LIVE


🧐 New pricing strategy & updated Terms of Service

We'd like to introduce to you the new Pricing strategy. NO MORE complicated Packages with Projects, NO MORE struggling how many images you need to purchase to run your test. Say hello to NEW flexible pricing where you pay as you go for exactly what you need:

  • testing each item costs $20,
  • for every second of total study duration, you pay $1,
  • hire RealEye panelists for $2 (get results max. next business day),
  • invite your panelists for $0.5/each

Projects purchased before the 29th of March are attached to the old policy. You may use them just like before changes.

We also made changes to our Terms of Service accordingly to new pricing strategy, read full Terms of Service here


See your testers Gaze Point with RECORDINGS!

I'm super happy to announce this new amazing feature! From now on you can actually follow your potential user's eyes to see what's eye-catching!

And... to make you even more happy - all already saved tests can be played as recording as well (log into your account, go to study dashboard and you'll see list of all recordings).


We're happy to announce new feature

  • Map your item and finish test on click
  • Combine item into single clickable mockup with image mapping
  • Set up your study with advanced settings: hide separation screen, randomize your images or disable survey as you please!
  • Place your eye-tracking study inside an external survey
  • Complete re-design of the system (we love it!)


Is your content TL;DR?

Check which content on your website is actually read by users! It's simple as it sounds. Select area on the results page, check the score and make your website readable for your users.


Find the best package for you!

From now on, you can get studies as packages of 1, 10 or 100 images! Choose the desired amount of images you want to test and pay as you go!

PS. Get 20 panelists for each item for FREE, results will arrive max. next business day!


Buy testers ... we will get them for you!

From now on, you can simply order eye-tracking results for your images!

Choose the desired amount of panelists you want to assign for your experiment (each panelist cost $2) and get your results within a few hours!


Scan whole websites with eye-tracking!

Our technology now allows you to scan and test whole websites! Learn where your audience is looking and increase your conversion!

It's very simple! Enter the website URL while creating an experiment and share your testing URL. Your panelists will be able to use scroll while doing experiment and whole data will be presented as a live heatmap in your panel.

Start Today!