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RealEye 7.1 - Increased Performance and Reliability

RealEye 7.1 Release Notes:

  • We've improved overall performance and reliability.
  • The study can now have up to 50,000 participants.
  • YouTube video as a source is not supported now. You can upload a video to our servers instead. It's much more reliable.
  • Facial coding offers "Neutral" and "Happy" stats.
  • French instructions for participants.
  • Unused participant spots get released when a study is removed.
  • Participant Quality Stats page can show recording and heatmaps.
  • University PRO license is available.
  • Drop-rate CSV.
  • CSV filename with Study/Item name.
  • Improve tester logs - page opened.
  • Optimize Heatmap playback.
  • Speed up gaze data download (use cache) and reduce CSV export time.
  • Speed up AOI Overall Stats computation.
  • RealEye's Public Roadmap is now available.
  • Other UI/UX tweaks, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

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