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RealEye 7.2 - Less eye-tracking data gaps and better sampling rate on low-end hardware

RealEye v7.2 release focused mainly on ensuring more useful data.
This time we've tackled two things:

  • Reduce eye-tracking data gaps when the participant moves head too much.
    SOLVED: The eye-tracking test is paused when the "fix your position" popup is displayed.
  • Increase eye-tracking sampling rate for low-end/old hardware that does not support WebGL (GPU acceleration).
    SOLVED: We're now using the latest browser features that should result in up to a 40% higher eye-tracking sampling rate.

Other essential updates in version 7.2:

  • We've enabled the ability to export Facial Coding data into CSV (Facial Coding is still in BETA).
  • The price for a University license changed to $350/month. If you have active University license - those changes won't affect your account.
  • Exports are re-ordered into several categories.
  • Drop-rate info for the last 30 and 7 days.

If you're still wondering how to move your studies on-line, take a look at our latest article: Eye tracking study: Online vs. Offline.

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