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RealEye 10.1 - 10.13 Release Notes

RealEye 10.1 - 10.13 Release Notes

  • New Features:
    • Stimuli grouping with pinning and randomization.
    • WYSIWYG editor for study instructions.
    • Mean Attention K.
    • Star a Study.
    • Replace image/video of existing stimulus.
    • Data Chart with saccades.
    • Clone study stimulus.
    • #api Set study participant and panelist count.
    • #api Finish study.
    • #api Provide Study "participationLinks".
    • #api Endpoint to delete Study and delete Item.
    Major Changes:
    • CSV export on Heatmap page applies all selected filters (e.g. age, gender, tags)
    • #api #csv AOI Overall Stats can provide data for limited count of Items when using `itemsOffset` and `itemsLimit` GET parameters.
    • #api #csv AOI Overall Stats can provide data for limited count of AOIs when using `aoisOffset` and `aoisLimit` GET parameters.
    • Improve 3DSecure payments.
    • Disallow Study modification when RealEye Panelists are providing results.
    • #api Specify stimulus CDN URL via test link parameter.
  • User interface and experience improvements:
    • Minor UI improvements for license usage bar.
    • Show License "active from / till".
    • user can select entire image as trigger with single click
    • Show license related dates in UTC timezone.
    • Improve error message when study could not be cloned.
    • Improve error message when could not compute AOI stats.
    • Add "Traditional Chinese" translation.
    • Translate test page title.
    • Sort links for all languages.
    • Requested longer question/answer limit in survey module.
    • Improved BR translations.
    • #ui "Set Participants" shows actual participant and panelist number.
    • Add Romanian translation.
    • Reset aoi selector if time range is changed.
    • Add max saccade duration ui slider.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes:
    • Profile form was not storing information about account for non-whitelabel users.
    • Changing participants limits when external URLs are enabled caused error 500.
    • Fix computing AOI stats for saved AOI when changing its time range.
    • Make sure we're storing the data from a video stream.
    • AOI save returns error (when AOI was not changed, just saved).
    • Fixation Plot player on mobile videos.
    • JS error (setInterval was not cleared).
    • Optimize how instructions are being displayed if they are longer (scroll).
    • Prevent WYSIWYG editor from saving empty string.
    • Redirect to quota-full (if set), if the study is filled.
    • Automatically create new license for Subscription new billing cycle.
    • Show 400 error page with info when study runs with invalid item filename.
    • Don't scale UP images (by width).
    • Try to correct AOIs when cloning a study.
    • Stream AOI Overall Stats CSV so download starts as soon as first data is available.
    • #fix - don't export ignored participants data.
    • Don't include ignored participants in Survey exports.
    • #ui Show actual Participant Quality Stats algorithm version - not the latest one.
    • #fix fantom clicks
    • #et Gaze max duration changed from 16 to 33 ms (as for 30 FPS webcam).
    • #fix - don't take deleted items into account when generating testFlow from URL
    • #ui Fix Participant Log missing translation.
    • #fix Fix FireFox webcam access issue.
    • #fix Fix total usable participant count (don't count non-checked RE panelists).
    • #fix Fix sending email about RealEye Panelists results collected.
    • #fix - when canceling transcoding cloned video - it disappears
    • #security Check blog URL `page` is an integer.
    • #security Require all routes `{studyId}` to be an UUIDv4.
    • #security Require all routes `{itemId}` to be an UUIDv4.
    • #security Require all routes `{participantId}` to be an UUIDv4.
    • #dev Upgrade to Symfony 5.4 (LTS).
    • #fix for drag&drop groups
    • #fix: removing transparent background from PNG images and replace with #ffffff
    • Remove affiliate page.
    • #fix heatmaps dashboard: left slider will work after the content is resized
    • #fix allow purchasing own participants with a step of 5 (min. 5)
    • #fix Subscription license valid until end of last day.
    • #fix #ui Show properly "Team collaboration" is available or not.
    • Update stats on changed not on changing.
    • #fix Subscription based license valid for one day longer so Braintree can charge for the next billing cycle.
    • #fix: Cloning a study is not copying stimuliFlow
    • Revoke white label feature when subscription expired.
    • Hosted session waits for audio and video stream to start.
    • #fix: Don't load stimuliFlow module when videos are still being transcoded (UI is blocked)
    • Hosted session works with white-label enabled.
    • #fix: website heatmaps can be zoom in / out.
    • #fix: player is loading video when opened in a new tab.
    • Increase video max file size to 500 MB.

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