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RealEye 10.0 - Smartphone Eye-Tracking is now Available!

RealEye now allows you to run your studies on smartphones! You can set up your study to accept mobile and/or desktop participants in the study settings. So far, we can observe that mobile tests work perfectly for testing long-vertical images (e.g., mobile page mockups) and vertical video advertisements. As an outcome of a Smartphone study, you can expect to see the same data and metrics as for a traditional desktop fielding.

Please feel free to try our Smartphone Demo study here: Start demo study


RealEye 9.0 - Flexible licensing usage.

Even more flexible licensing usage lets you limit study participant count without affecting the actual participant slots usage.
Create as many studies with as many participants as you like. You can now freely adjust the participant count as needed. Your current usage is visible all the time, so you know if it's time to enhance your license.
Please note that non-used participant slots are not moved to a new license, but non-used RealEye panelists are. So you can pre-pay RealEye panelists and use them whenever you want.
Read more about licensing on our support page: RealEye Licensing.

RealEye 9.0 Release Notes

  • New Features: Major Changes:
    • "Tester" renamed to "Participant" (also in CSV/API).
  • User interface and experience improvements:
    • Show current license usage on the dashboard (top right corner).
    • Trim white-space characters from survey question and answer.
    • Fielding question redirects to ScreenOut URL.
    • Improve Portuguese and Italian translation.
    • Show how many participants have skipped the test.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes:
    • Reducing participant offset - allows starting the test if a browser is a small window.
    • Fix computing quality stats for studies that have all items removed.
    • Fix computing quality stats when eye-tracking data have only one gaze from "0 ms".
    • Handle double click better with "Finish on click" enabled.
    • Move machine learning models (FaceLandmark) to a different folder on CDN so it doesn't get blocked by some Ad/TrackingBlockers.
    • Handle UI sending AOI out of range size.
    • Speed up metrics computation.
    • Backend source code major refactoring.


RealEye 8.14 - The ability to mix videos and images

We've got a small yet significant update for you: now a RealEye study can simultaneously consist of images and videos (previously you'd had to create two separate studies). Hopefully, it will make your research more effortless!

RealEye 8.14 Release Notes

  • New Features:
    • Mix videos and images in single study
    • the ability to disable popup with head correction
    • enable confirmation popup before skipping the test
  • Minor UI/UX improvements:
    • Improved Czech translations
    • New Arabic translations (LTR)
    • Improve German translations
    • Add Indonesian translations


RealEye 8.13 - new UI for dashboard

RealEye 8.13 Release Notes

  • New Features:
    • be more strict when correcting the eyes position
    • uer can define display time for each fixation cross
    • get rid of "relaxation" step
  • Minor UI/UX improvements:
    • remember params in URL if head moved too much during the calibration
    • Add 'Tester Tags' to all "Raw gazes denoised" CSV.
    • Add 'Tester Tags' to all CSVs with Tester data.
    • Optimize study page loading time.


RealEye 8.12 - Connect third party eye-tracker: GazePoint

Thanks to RealEye Open Gaze API Adapter, you can now conduct your studies using the GP3 hardware eye-tracker! This feature is currently available only in the PRO plan for Beta users, so please contact us if you want to try it out!

  • Minor UI/UX improvements:
    • Fix auto-scrolling off for long images.
    • "Remember me" checkbox when logging in.
    • security Enable log-in fail rate limit (5 per minute).
    • Remove ReCaptcha from login form.

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