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RealEye 8.7 - Multipart AOI

We're happy to announce that we've just released RealEye v8.7, which contains 2 new features and some improvements:

RealEye 8.7 Release Notes

  • New Features:
    • Create AOIs (areas of interests) from several smaller parts.
    • Record participants voice (voice-over) in the "Live Websites" type of study.
  • Minor UI/UX improvements.
  • Various improvements and minor bug fixes.

Thanks to the multipart tool - AOI, you can now combine data calculations from several areas scattered throughout the image or video. Please see the following video to find out more about what's new:


RealEye 8.6 - Public API

With many new features and improvements, we now also make our API publicly available!

RealEye API is still being developed according to our customers' needs, so be sure there will be a lot of new API features coming soon :)

RealEye 8.6 Release Notes

  • New Features:
    • Public API via HTTP to fetch collected data.
    • Pass additional variables when dispatching links with several studies.
    • Allow un-ignoring participants.
    • Include full test URL in the Tester Log when the tester opens the test page.
    • The test-dispatch link won't include finished studies (unless all are finished).
    • Change to the maximum of 300 images in images based study.
  • CSV and API:
    • Export keyboard and mouse stats per participant.
    • Include `tester_display_gender` in CSV files.
    • Include Item CDN URL in all CSVs.
    • Include Test Criteria in CSV notes.
  • Minor UI/UX improvements, e.g.:
    • Update Brazilian translation.
    • Add brand new Turkish translations and update existing ones.
    • Translate the whole service to Polish.
    • Better UX for video heatmaps.
    • Add dropdown with languages to the participation link.
    • Use GIF for video item preview.
  • Various improvements and minor bug fixes:
    • Fix white-label not storing tester logs for non-English language.
    • Fix bug with analysis dashboard.
    • Fix sliders for image based studies.
    • Fix average display time when params are fetched from URL.
    • Fix copy "en" study link.
    • Fix for recording player -> change videos without pausing.
    • Show a tooltip with Item ID and filename.
    • Apply security patches.


RealEye 8.5 Release Notes

We're happy to announce that we've just released RealEye v8.5, which contains 2 new features and some improvements: the ability to pin some the items in the desired order and the ability to embed the recordings.

Thanks to the "pinning" feature, you can set control the randomization and eg. define which element will be always presented first or last. Please take a look at the following recording to learn more about the news:

If you're still wondering how to move your studies on-line, take a look at our latest article: Eye tracking study: Online vs. Offline.


RealEye 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4 Release Notes

RealEye 8.2, 8.3, and 8.4 Release Notes

  • New Features:
    • Attaching params to finishURL is an option (true by default to maintain current studies behavior).
    • Ability to set watermark along with its opacity level (only for a specific role).
    • Add filtering by the keypress.
    • Add average viewing time to a slider.
  • Metrics:
    • Count separate visits if there's a long data gap between fixations.
    • Change fixation filter default vt to 180%/s
  • CSV:
    • CSV with "revisit count" and "average revisit count".
    • CSVs with test_item_display_order.
    • All CSVs with tester_quality_grade and tester_quality_grade_item.
  • Improve handling external test data and RealEye params.
  • Minor UI/UX improvements, e.g.,:
    • Update NL translations.
    • Update Chinese translations.
    • Speed up metrics computation.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes, e.g.,
    • Various security improvements.
    • Upgrade backend to Symfony 5.3.
    • Fix using eye-tracker behind Chinese firewall.


On 5-9 July 2021 the LEAD-ME Summer School online event took place

On 5-9 July 2021 the LEAD-ME Summer School online event took place ( This year’s edition was called "Eye tracking in media accessibility research - methods, technologies and data analyses" and RealEye helped educate new neuroscientists by providing the software for all of the participants. Moreover, our CEO - Adam Cellary, was one of the Guest Speakers talking about webcam-based eye-tracking, having the RealEye tool as an example. You can watch his lecture here:

During the workshops, participants in groups designed and analyzed their own experiments. Here you can find the outcomes:

  • The impact of intralingual subtitling on memory and comprehension (See results)
  • Fully automatic vs. human subtitling: comprehension, user experience and perception (See results)
  • Serif – Sans Serif Subtitle Font: Legibility and Audience Preference (See results)
  • What influences consumers' choices? (See results)
  • Conventional vs. Creative Subtitles: Task Load, Enjoyment and Preferences (See results)
  • Comparing the reception of machine-generated subtitles compared to human-created subtitles (See results)

After the event, we asked participants of the LEAD-ME Summer School what do they think about working with the RealEye platform during their workshops. The results speak for themselves:

We would like to thank the organizers for preparing this extraordinary event and all participants for their work, especially during the workshops - great ideas, fantastic research! We are glad that we could be part of that!

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