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Leading eye-tracking innovation measurement in uncertain times: RealEye

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) KEEN team has launched an innovative concept called a temporary (pop-up) neuromarketing laboratory for science knowledge promotion activities. Pop-up digital neuromarketing lab is an entertaining and new activity for the students of all ages, enabled by KTU, KEEN team. Various digital tools such as digital eye-tracking system, emotion recognition software and digital tools (customer engagement behaviour on Facebook prediction tool created by KTU, EMODI team) are being used in the Lab for neuromarketing research.

The Covid pandemic has challenged researchers around the world: many had to move their research from labs to online platforms and /or Cloud or even to stop their research for a while. Traditionally, in springtime many students are preparing their final thesis. However, the pandemic has also altered this process. The students, who are focusing on neuromarketing studies, have faced the challenge of how to run a neuromarketing study during the pandemic.

In response to this, The RealEye company has launched a new service that enables researchers and practitioners to conduct neuromarketing research studies online. The digital RealEye solution uses a computer camera and cloud-based software that collects user attention data from the participants of the study. Notably, the solution has some limitations but the solution is developing further.

Digitalization research group and KEEN researcher Egle Vaiciukynaite from Kaunas University of Technology, is one of researchers to use a recommended solution and to explore its possibilitiesthat can track user attention patterns using a computer camera.

Egle Vaiciukynaite was impressed how easy it was to use Real Eye platform:

“We should design a study and then to set-up it properly. Indeed, we can easily add images, videos as a stimuli and involve external links such as SurveyMonkey for additional information about participants. Finally, we have to set a sample or a number of participants and invite potential participants to a study through a link. The eye-tracking results are generated automatically and an input includes heat maps, a detailed report with AOIs and other data. This solution is useful for hands-on neuromarketing experience, especially for educational purposes”
says Vaiciukynaite.

Researchers have an obligation to share their experience and knowledge with society. However, sometimes, it is challenging to show how neuromarketing tools work in reality, especially when all activities are conducted virtually. The RealEye solution has features that enable researchers to organize innovative lectures/knowledge sharing events. Indeed, this new type of activities evokes curiosity about science, digital technologies not only among mentors (IT specialists from all over Lithuania), but also young students curiosity and in such a way guarantees their high engagement.

Egle notes that the most successful examples of pop-up lab activities come from Science Festival “Spaceship Earth” at the Kaunas University of Technology, Santaka Valley, and bit & Byte Creative Technology Academy activities on Zoom this autumn 2020. The main activity of using a pop-up lab was to reveal user attention patterns to posts of social media platforms. Indeed, all developed digital posts were tested with a screen-based webcam eye-tracking tool, eye-tracking artificial intelligence (AI) and AI social media tools. Young students learned how to develop digital storytelling for customer attention and engagement on social media platforms. Specifically, the pop-up digital neuromarketing lab was organized twice, and 40 mentors training was received at the bit & Byte Creative Technology Academy. Mentors have delivered hands-on experience twice for more than 600 young students. Hence, both mentors and young students had an opportunity to try the most recent technologies.

The innovative approach to academic knowledge transfer is also one of the main priorities of KEEN (Knowledge Empowered Entrepreneurship Network). The innovative aspect of KEEN is that it focuses on public engagement and provides them with the opportunity to express their opinions, needs and challenges to shape the research agenda. KEEN objective is also to create and sustain a network of academic community, business and other relevant stakeholders focusing on building capacities to develop public engagement in entrepreneurship research in low-innovativeness level EU countries and foster the co-creation of more socially-relevant research with multiple actors such as policy makers, citizens and industrials. Among all these activities, designed to build networking and knowledge sharing opportunities, neuro-marketing simulations in schools, universities aspire to foster entrepreneurial mind-set and to promote entrepreneurship and academic career.

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Eglė Vaičiukynaitė
Researcher & lecturer
School of Economics and Business

"I have tried this solution several times and tested various stimuli, including my own generated stimuli from previous eye-tracking studies. I was impressed by the ease of use and the outcome (results). "

Giovanni Federico
Suor Orsola Benincasa University of Naples (Italy)

"RealEye allowed us to run research projects in our laboratory with the friction of a price of typical eye-tracking software and hardware. Its accuracy is enough to easily analyse useful information about participants' gaze behaviour."

Gaurav Jain
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Rensselaer Lally School of Management

"Due to the covid-19 pandemic it was not possible to conduct research in my lab. After reading about the camera-based eye-tracking, I was comfortable to move to web-based eye-tracking."

Usado por universidades de todo el mundo

"We used RealEye for a lab assignment about selection attention to visual media, experimenting with several different short videos that exemplified different structural features of video that direct attention (e.g., cuts, motion, appearance of faces). Everyone in the class was able to provide eye tracking data for the videos, and analyze and discuss the data obtained from the entire class — all within a 90 minute lab.
The interface and analytics were excellent. We’d love to make the software a part of the class moving forward."
- Byron Reeves PhD, Professor

Preguntas frecuentes

Se ha demostrado que los estudios RealEye tienen una precisión de alrededor de 110 px. Esto permite analizar la interacción de los usuarios en un sitio web con una precisión que alcanza el tamaño de un botón único.
Predecimos el punto de mirada con una frecuencia de hasta 60 Hz.

Para un análisis en profundidad de la precisión del seguimiento ocular de la cámara web, consulte los siguientes artículos:

El seguimiento ocular de la cámara web es un método innovador que predice el punto de mirada de una persona.
Utilizamos el procesamiento de datos de una computadora/laptop normal para ejecutar la IA (red neuronal profunda) que analiza imágenes procedentes de una cámara web. La IA detecta la cara del panelista y sus pupilas, y predice un punto de mirada.
Todo esto se realiza integramente en un navegador web en tiempo real. Gracias a esto, los panelistas no tienen que preocuparse por su privacidad. No enviamos ninguna imagen ni sonido a nuestros servidores. Solo almacenamos las predicciones del punto de observación de nuestra IA, en forma de datos de texto básicos similares a "Timestamp: 10, GazePointX: 200, GazePointY: 330"

Lea más sobre seguimiento ocular aquí .
Desafortunadamente, debido a cómo funciona nuestro sistema, no ofrecemos reembolsos. Es por eso que hemos creado una prueba gratuita de 7 días para que pueda ver si nuestros servicios se ajustan a sus necesidades.

Su propio participante es cualquier persona que invite usando un enlace de participación a su estudio. El probador RealEye es una persona elegida al azar de nuestra red de panelistas de todo el mundo, principalmente del Reino Unido y los Estados Unidos. Pueden ser contratados para participar en el estudio de seguimiento ocular, pero no para participar en ninguna herramienta externa (por ejemplo, encuesta).

Puede obtener participantes adicionales en cualquier momento que lo necesite. Esto aumentará su límite solo en el período de facturación actual. Cada espacio adicional para un probador (cualquier probador) cuesta $1.2. Contratar probadores de RealEye cuesta solo $10 cada uno.

Cuando solicita panelistas de RealEye, nos aseguramos de proporcionar resultados de la más alta calidad. Revisamos todas las grabaciones para asegurarnos de que obtenga resultados con una precisión de menos de 175 px y una frecuencia de muestreo de al menos 20 Hz. Asegurar resultados de alta calidad generalmente requiere que paguemos y verifiquemos más panelistas de los que fueron solicitados. Nosotros asumimos ese costo, por lo que no se le cobrará nada más por obtener mejores resultados.

Sí, puede descargar los datos recopilados durante el estudio como un archivo CSV. Para más detalles, consulte

Además, puede descargar cada archivo AOI CVS.

Si hay datos que quiera que incluya el archivo CSV, contáctenos y le proporcionaremos datos adicionales.

Puede integrar fácilmente la herramienta RealEye con herramientas externas (por ejemplo, encuestas), pero también comparar los resultados obtenidos de otras herramientas utilizando nuestro archivo CSV (es decir, por la marca temporal - timestamp).

Puede usar RealEye para cualquier tipo de proyectos, pero no puede cobrar dinero por sus resultados o ideas. Algunos planes se hacen estrictamente para uso educativo, solo para universidades y escuelas.

Se permiten tesis y artículos científicos. Si necesita más detalles, contáctenos.

Para uso comercial, suscríbase a un Plan que lo incluya.

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