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For Students and Universities

We strongly believe eye-tracking should be available for everyone, especially for researchers and scientists.

We encourage students and Universities to experiment with our solution and so we have a special offer for education.

Used by Universities from all over the World

Do your work faster & easier than ever before

Teach and learn about eye-tracking technology

Get new insights for your data-driven studies

RealEye Plans for Educational use only

Monthly Annual

for classrooms or bigger research


$2,500 / Billed annually
  • Core
  • Unlimited study count
  • 300 own participants/month included
  • Up to 10 min single study time
  • External tool integration (eg. survey)
  • RealEye panelists
  • Online analytics dashboard
  • Data export
  • Other
  • Only for non-commercial use
  • Team collaboration
  • Priority Support
  • 1h training
  • No lock in

for solo researchers


$190 / Billed annually
  • Core
  • Unlimited study count
  • 20 own participants/month included
  • Up to 60 sec single study time
  • RealEye panelists
  • Online analytics dashboard
  • Other
  • Only for non-commercial use
  • No lock in
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Giovanni Federico
Suor Orsola Benincasa University of Naples (Italy)

"RealEye allowed us to run research projects in our laboratory with the friction of a price of typical eye-tracking software and hardware. Its accuracy is enough to easily analyse useful information about participants' gaze behaviour."

Frequently Asked Questions

RealEye studies are proven to be around 110 px accurate. This allows analyzing users interaction on a website with precision reaching the size of a single button.
We predict the gaze point with frequency up to 60 Hz.

For in-depth analysis of webcam eye-tracking accuracy check the following articles:

Webcam eye-tracking is an innovative method that predicts a person's gaze point.
We use the computing power of regular PC/laptop to run AI (Deep neural network) that analyzes images coming from a webcam. The AI detects panelist's face, pupils and predicts a gaze point.
All of this is performed entirely in a web browser in real-time. Thanks to this, panelists do not have to worry about their privacy. We do not send any image or sound to our servers. We only store the gaze point predictions from our AI, in the form of basic text data similar to "Timestamp: 10, GazePointX: 200, GazePointY: 330".

You can read more about eye-tracking here .
Unfortunately, due to how our system works, we don't offer refunds. This is why we've created a 7-day free trial so you can see if our services fits your needs.

You can use RealEye for any kind of projects but you can't charge any money for its results or insights. Some plans are made strictly for educational use only for Universities and Schools.

Thesis and scientific articles are allowed. If you need more details please contact us.

For commercial use please subscribe to a Plan allowing it.

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