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COVID-19 stopped your research? Not a problem, continue your research from a web-browser!

For Students and Universities

We strongly believe neuroscience should be available for everyone, especially for researchers and scientists.

We encourage students and Universities to experiment with our solution and so we have a special offer for education.

Trusted by Universities from all over the World

RealEye Licenses for Educational use only

Monthly Annual

for classrooms or bigger research


$2,500 / Billed annually
  • Core
  • Unlimited study count
  • 300 own participants/month included
  • Up to 10 min single study time
  • External tool integration (eg. survey)
  • RealEye panelists
  • Online analytics dashboard
  • Data export
  • Other
  • Only for non-commercial use
  • Team collaboration
  • Priority Support
  • 1h training
  • No lock in

for solo researchers


$190 / Billed annually
  • Core
  • Unlimited study count
  • 20 own participants/month included
  • Up to 60 sec single study time
  • RealEye panelists
  • Online analytics dashboard
  • Other
  • Only for non-commercial use
  • No lock in
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Eglė Vaičiukynaitė
Researcher & lecturer
School of Economics and Business

"I have tried this solution several times and tested various stimuli, including my own generated stimuli from previous eye-tracking studies. I was impressed by the ease of use and the outcome (results). "

Giovanni Federico
Suor Orsola Benincasa University of Naples (Italy)

"RealEye allowed us to run research projects in our laboratory with the friction of a price of typical eye-tracking software and hardware. Its accuracy is enough to easily analyse useful information about participants' gaze behaviour."

Gaurav Jain
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Rensselaer Lally School of Management

"Due to the covid-19 pandemic it was not possible to conduct research in my lab. After reading about the camera-based eye-tracking, I was comfortable to move to web-based eye-tracking."

Frequently Asked Questions

RealEye studies are proven to be around 110 px accurate. This allows analyzing users interaction on a website with precision reaching the size of a single button.
We predict the gaze point with frequency up to 60 Hz.

For in-depth analysis of webcam eye-tracking accuracy check the following articles:

Webcam eye-tracking is an innovative method that predicts a person's gaze point.
We use the computing power of regular PC/laptop to run AI (Deep neural network) that analyzes images coming from a webcam. The AI detects panelist's face, pupils and predicts a gaze point.
All of this is performed entirely in a web browser in real-time. Thanks to this, panelists do not have to worry about their privacy. We do not send any image or sound to our servers. We only store the gaze point predictions from our AI, in the form of basic text data similar to "Timestamp: 10, GazePointX: 200, GazePointY: 330".

You can read more about eye-tracking here .
Unfortunately, due to how our system works, we don't offer refunds. This is why we've created a 7-day free trial so you can see if our services fits your needs.

Your own participant is any person that you’ll invite using a participation link to your study. RealEye tester is a randomly picked person from our network of panelists from all around the world - mainly from the UK and the US. They can be hired to participate in the eye-tracking study, but not to participate in any external tool (eg. survey).

You can get additional participants at any time you need it. This will increase your limit in the current billing period only. Each additional slot for a tester (any tester) costs $1. Hiring Realeye testers is only $5 each.

When you order RealEye panelists, we make sure to provide the highest quality results. All recordings are checked by us to make sure that you get results with an accuracy of fewer than 175 pixels and at least a 20 Hz sampling rate. Assuring high-quality results usually requires us to pay for and check more panelists than you've requested, but we take that cost on us - so you pay only for the best results.

RealEye is tested and works with the following hardware and software setup:
  • Google Chrome or Edge (10) web browser,
  • PC/Laptop with Microsoft Windows 10 or Mac (Macbook, iMac) with MacOS,
  • a laptop integrated webcam or USB webcam,
  • RealEye DOES NOT allow running eye-tracking test on a mobile device (smartphone),
  • required screen resolution is 1024x968 pixels or more. Only horizontal screen orientations are supported.
Read more:

Yes, you can download the data collected during the study as a CSV file. For more details please refer to

Also, you can download each AOI CVS file.

If there’s any data that you would like the CSV file to include, please contact us and we’ll provide any additional data.

You can easily integrate the RealEye tool with external tools (eg. surveys), but also compare the results obtained from other tools using our CSV file (i.e. by the timestamp).

You can use RealEye for any kind of projects but you can't charge any money for its results or insights. Some plans are made strictly for educational use only for Universities and Schools.

Thesis and scientific articles are allowed. If you need more details please contact us.

For commercial use please subscribe to a License allowing it.

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