Smartphone Eye-Tracking is now Available!

April 10, 2022

RealEye now allows you to run your studies on smartphones! You can set up your study to accept mobile and/or desktop participants in the study settings. So far, we can observe that mobile tests work perfectly for testing long-vertical images (e.g., mobile page mockups) and vertical video advertisements. As an outcome of a Smartphone study, you can expect to see the same data and metrics as for a traditional desktop fielding.

Please feel free to try our Smartphone Demo study here: Start demo study

RealEye 9.0 Release Notes

March 23, 2022

RealEye 9.0 Release Notes

New Features:

Major Changes:

  • User interface and experience improvements:
  • Show current license usage on the dashboard (top right corner).
  • Trim white-space characters from survey question and answer.
  • Fielding question redirects to ScreenOut URL.
  • Improve Portuguese and Italian translation.
  • Show how many participants have skipped the test.

Various improvements and bug fixes:

  • Reducing participant offset – allows starting the test if a browser is a small window.
  • Fix computing quality stats for studies that have all items removed.
  • Fix computing quality stats when eye-tracking data have only one gaze from “0 ms”.
  • Handle double click better with “Finish on click” enabled.
  • Move machine learning models (FaceLandmark) to a different folder on CDN so it doesn’t get blocked by some Ad/TrackingBlockers.
  • Handle UI sending AOI out of range size.
  • Speed up metrics computation.
  • Backend source code major refactoring.

RealEye 8.14 Release Notes

January 19, 2022

We’ve got a small yet significant update for you: now a RealEye study can simultaneously consist of images and videos (previously you’d had to create two separate studies). Hopefully, it will make your research more effortless!

RealEye 8.14 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Mix videos and images in single study
  • the ability to disable popup with head correction
  • enable confirmation popup before skipping the test

Minor UI/UX improvements:

  • Improved Czech translations
  • New Arabic translations (LTR)
  • Improve German translations
  • Add Indonesian translations

RealEye 8.13 Release Notes

January 2, 2022

RealEye 8.13 Release Notes

  • New Features:
  • be more strict when correcting the eyes position
  • uer can define display time for each fixation cross
  • get rid of “relaxation” step
  • Minor UI/UX improvements:
  • remember params in URL if head moved too much during the calibration
  • Add ‘Tester Tags’ to all “Raw gazes denoised” CSV.
  • Add ‘Tester Tags’ to all CSVs with Tester data.
  • Optimize study page loading time.

RealEye 8.12 Release Notes

December 24, 2021

RealEye 8.12 Release Notes:

  • Codnduct studies with a hardware eye-tracker (GP3)
  • Minor UI/UX improvements:
  • Fix auto-scrolling off for long images.
  • “Remember me” checkbox when logging in.
  • security Enable log-in fail rate limit (5 per minute).
  • Remove ReCaptcha from login form.

Thanks to RealEye Open Gaze API Adapter, you can now conduct your studies using the GP3 hardware eye-tracker! This feature is currently available only in the PRO plan for Beta users, so please contact us if you want to try it out!

RealEye 8.11 Release Notes

December 12, 2021

RealEye 8.11 Release Notes

  • New Features:
  • The ability to run test with specified items
  • add Thai translations
  • Minor UI/UX improvements:
  • Don’t store eye-tracking data for loading (buffering) video
  • Fix tester quality “gaze on screen” stats for narrow stimuli.

RealEye 8.10 Release Notes

November 24, 2021

Please note that image items (stimuli) have scrolling DISABLED by default – as that’s the majority of use cases.

RealEye 8.10 Release Notes

RealEye 8.9 Release Notes

November 19, 2021

Cloning study is now possible with RealEye 8.9. Fast way of creating study copy with the same items (stimuli) and settings.
Read feature description on our support page: How to clone a study.

RealEye 8.9 Release Notes

  • New Features:
  • Cloning (copying) Study.
  • Minor UI/UX improvements, e.g.:
  • Add video platform demo to Free Trial.
  • Various improvements and minor bug fixes:
  • Update 3rd party libraries.
  • Fix Keystroke stats when data is not available.
  • Don’t send Free Trial mailing to people who join the company as collaborators.
  • Fix study edition flow for reverted study.

RealEye 8.8 Release Notes

November 10, 2021

RealEye version 8.8 can run an eye-tracking test with only the specified items.
Read feature description on a How to run test with specified items support page to know more.

RealEye 8.8 Release Notes

  • New Features:
  • Update TesterQualityStats to use StudyFlow (not require all Items).
  • API:
  • New API endpoint GET /studies/{studyId}/flow.
  • Remove storing Tester External ID taken from `Id` query parameter.
  • Minor UI/UX improvements, e.g.:
  • Add submenu with actions for the study list.
  • Edit item edit boxes smaller.
  • Remove videos when selecting a new study type.
  • Various improvements and minor bug fixes:
  • Update 3rd party libraries.
  • Store tester age from the URL params.
  • AOI part can’t exceed image width/height.
  • Fix filtering by pressed key – an UPPER phrase for searched value.

RealEye 8.7 Release Notes

October 30, 2021

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just released RealEye v8.7, which contains 2 new features and some improvements.

RealEye 8.7 Release Notes

  • New Features:
  • Create AOIs (areas of interests) from several smaller parts.
  • Record participants voice (voice-over) in the “Live Websites” type of study.
  • Minor UI/UX improvements.
  • Various improvements and minor bug fixes.

Multipart AOI

October 30, 2021

Thanks to the multipart tool – AOI, you can now combine data calculations from several areas scattered throughout the image or video. Please see the following video to find out more about what’s new:

RealEye 8.6 Release Notes

October 26, 2021

With many new features and improvements, we now also make our API publicly available!

RealEye API is still being developed according to our customers’ needs, so be sure there will be a lot of new API features coming soon :)

RealEye 8.6 Release Notes

  • New Features:
  • Public API via HTTP to fetch collected data.
  • Pass additional variables when dispatching links with several studies.
  • Allow un-ignoring participants.
  • Include full test URL in the Tester Log when the tester opens the test page.
  • The test-dispatch link won’t include finished studies (unless all are finished).
  • Change to the maximum of 300 images in images based study.
  • CSV and API:
  • Export keyboard and mouse stats per participant.
  • Include `tester_display_gender` in CSV files.
  • Include Item CDN URL in all CSVs.
  • Include Test Criteria in CSV notes.
  • Minor UI/UX improvements, e.g.:
  • Update Brazilian translation.
  • Add brand new Turkish translations and update existing ones.
  • Translate the whole service to Polish.
  • Better UX for video heatmaps.
  • Add dropdown with languages to the participation link.
  • Use GIF for video item preview.
  • Various improvements and minor bug fixes:
  • Fix white-label not storing tester logs for non-English language.
  • Fix bug with analysis dashboard.
  • Fix sliders for image based studies.
  • Fix average display time when params are fetched from URL.
  • Fix copy “en” study link.
  • Fix for recording player -> change videos without pausing.
  • Show a tooltip with Item ID and filename.
  • Apply security patches.

RealEye 8.5 Release Notes

September 9, 2021

RealEye 8.5 Release Notes:

  • new feature: pin items
  • new feature: ability to embed recordings
  • minor UX/UI improbvements and bug fixes

Pin items and embed recordings

September 9, 2021

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just released RealEye v8.5, which contains 2 new features and some improvements: the ability to pin some the items in the desired order and the ability to embed the recordings.

Thanks to the “pinning” feature, you can set control the randomization and eg. define which element will be always presented first or last. Please take a look at the following recording to learn more about the news:

If you’re still wondering how to move your studies on-line, take a look at our latest article: Eye tracking study: Online vs. Offline.

RealEye 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4 Release Notes

August 20, 2021

RealEye 8.2, 8.3, and 8.4 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Attaching params to finishURL is an option (true by default to maintain current studies behavior).
  • Ability to set watermark along with its opacity level (only for a specific role).
  • Add filtering by the keypress.
  • Add average viewing time to a slider.


  • Count separate visits if there’s a long data gap between fixations.
  • Change fixation filter default vt to 180%/s


  • CSV with “revisit count” and “average revisit count”.
  • CSVs with test_item_display_order.
  • All CSVs with tester_quality_grade and tester_quality_grade_item.

Improve handling external test data and RealEye params.

Minor UI/UX improvements, e.g.,:

  • Update NL translations.
  • Update Chinese translations.
  • Speed up metrics computation.

Various improvements and bug fixes, e.g.,

  • Various security improvements.
  • Upgrade backend to Symfony 5.3.
  • Fix using eye-tracker behind Chinese firewall.

RealEye 8.1 Release Notes

June 17, 2021

We haven’t been idle since the last update (RealEye 8.0). This time we would like to present:

  • Fixation Plot – available for participants’ recordings (Read more here),
  • the ability to slow down the speed of recording display,
  • the surprise level as a new emotion available in our Facial Coding feature (Read more here),
  • new demos for all study types,
  • the Quick Preview option added with shortened calibration and verification
  • no need to click “OK” when “return your eyes to green dots” (it was hard to do when participants were asked to click sth on keyboard).

If you’re still wondering how to move your studies on-line, take a look at our latest article: Eye tracking study: Online vs. Offline.

Amazing Surveys Module

April 23, 2021

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just released RealEye v8.0, which contains a pretty commonly asked feature: the ability to ask participants several, different types of questions after each stimulus.

Each survey can contain questions with several question types:

  • Text input (long/short)
  • 5-star grading (Likert scale)
  • Single/ multiple choice
  • Matrix questions
  • Images-based answers

Thanks to this feature there’s no need to redirect participants back and forward to external questionnaires – everything now can be handled directly on RealEye platform which makes the entire process (both, for the researcher and the participant) easier and more intuitive.

Special thanks to Startup Spark from ŁSSE.

If you’re still wondering how to move your studies on-line, take a look at our latest article: Eye tracking study: Online vs. Offline.

RealEye 7.3 Release Notes

March 11, 2021

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just released RealEye v7.3, which contains a pretty commonly asked feature: the ability to finish displaying stimuli (image/video) on a keystroke event.

This ability will enable researchers to create implicit reaction tests like IAT or IRT and measure not only which keys were pressed but also what was the reaction time was and the average reaction time for each key separately.

Please read more about this recent feature in our Support

Special thanks to Pablo for requesting this feature long time ago, it’s finally out there! :)

If you’re still wondering how to move your studies on-line, take a look at our latest article: Eye tracking study: Online vs. Offline.

RealEye 7.2 Release Notes

March 5, 2021

RealEye v7.2 release focused mainly on ensuring more useful data.
This time we’ve tackled two things:

  • Reduce eye-tracking data gaps when the participant moves head too much.
    SOLVED: The eye-tracking test is paused when the “fix your position” popup is displayed.
  • Increase eye-tracking sampling rate for low-end/old hardware that does not support WebGL (GPU acceleration).
    SOLVED: We’re now using the latest browser features that should result in up to a 40% higher eye-tracking sampling rate.

Other essential updates in version 7.2:

  • We’ve enabled the ability to export Facial Coding data into CSV (Facial Coding is still in BETA).
  • The price for a University license changed to $350/month. If you have active University license – those changes won’t affect your account.
  • Exports are re-ordered into several categories.
  • Drop-rate info for the last 30 and 7 days.

If you’re still wondering how to move your studies on-line, take a look at our latest article: Eye tracking study: Online vs. Offline.

RealEye 7.1 Release Notes

February 27, 2021

RealEye 7.1 Release Notes:

  • We’ve improved overall performance and reliability.
  • The study can now have up to 50,000 participants.
  • YouTube video as a source is not supported now. You can upload a video to our servers instead. It’s much more reliable.
  • Facial coding offers “Neutral” and “Happy” stats.
  • French instructions for participants.
  • Unused participant spots get released when a study is removed.
  • Participant Quality Stats page can show recording and heatmaps.
  • University PRO license is available.
  • Drop-rate CSV.
  • CSV filename with Study/Item name.
  • Improve tester logs – page opened.
  • Optimize Heatmap playback.
  • Speed up gaze data download (use cache) and reduce CSV export time.
  • Speed up AOI Overall Stats computation.
  • RealEye’s Public Roadmap is now available.
  • Other UI/UX tweaks, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

RealEye 7.0 Release Notes

January 20, 2021

RealEye version 7.0 introduces quite significant improvements in eye-tracking metrics we provide on the dashboard and in the exported CSV files.

NOTICE: Some metric values might have changed from what you’ve seen in previous versions of RealEye. That’s because we’ve improved our algorithms to provide even more accurate and useful data.

If you have any questions regarding this release please, contact us via email or chat. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

A detailed explanation of the eye-tracking metrics you can get from RealEye is described on this support page.

RealEye 7.0 release notes:

  • Improved eye-tracking metrics, e.g.:
  • Show AOI size in percentage of the whole stimuli.
  • Show AOI time range.
  • A new metric: “Gaze count”.
  • A new metric: “First Fixation Duration”.
  • Fixation is considered valid for the AOI time range:
    – if it has begun exactly when the AOI time range starts or later
    – if it has begun before the end of theAOI time range
  • Fixation point is an average of all included gaze points.
  • For smoothed and normalized data gaze (fixations), raw gaze timestamp is now considered to be gaze end time.
  • “Revisits” metric improved.
    AOI visit is detected:
    – if there’s a fixation in the AOI, or many fixations “one after another”.
  • The readability note removed – it was too subjective.
  • Data export improved: CSV files with AOI data take the AOI time range into account.
  • You can manually adjust the “Noise reduction” setting both for fixations and gazes.
  • New data export file: CSV with AOI Overall Stats. It’s a file that contains most of the metrics you see on the dashboard.
  • New data export file: CSV Raw Gazes Denoised.
  • Improved Data Chart.
  • Minor UI/UX and performance improvements. Bug fixes.
  • Security and reliability improvements.

Special thanks to Luis, one of our customers, who has given us a lot of feedback regarding our metrics and data export feature.

Live eye-tracking hosted session (BETA)

January 15, 2021

Sometimes it’s not enough just to know where somebody was looking. There are studies or cases when it’s also required to talk with the participant during the eye-tracking session, give him/her additional instructions, ask some questions to better understand the behavior, and so on. Now RealEye has a perfect solution for such needs – Hosted Sessions. They can be launched for any type of stimuli (images, videos or live websites). You need to give access to your microphone (as your voice is also recorded) and a participant needs to share the screen and grant access to the microphone as well. You’ll be able to see the participant’s gaze live during the session and after the test watch the usual participant’s recording or the hosted recording with your conversation.

Read how to use Hosted Sessions and what are the requirements here:

Please note that this feature is still in a BETA stage. We’re still testing it and working on some improvements.

RealEye 6.14 Release Notes

January 11, 2021

RealEye 6.14 release notes:

Special thanks to Stefan, one of our customers, for working closely on the Hosted Sessions feature.

RealEye 6.13 Release Notes

November 10, 2020

RealEye 6.13 release notes:

  • Heatmap filter allows filtering testers by quality.
  • Quality statistics algorithm has been improved. Here’s how it works.
  • Study Quality Statistics page is now available. Click the “Study Quality Stats >” link on the Study results page (top right).
  • Minor UI/UX improvements and bug fixes.

Special thanks to Cole, one of our customers, who has given us a lot of feedback.

RealEye 6.12 Release Notes

November 4, 2020

RealEye 6.12 release notes:

  • Faster eye-tracker initialization on low-end hardware.
  • Improved tutorial for participants.
  • Possibility to revert running study to draft.
  • Possibility to tag participants and filter heatmaps by those tags.
  • Minor UI/UX improvements and bug fixes.