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Learn how visitors feel about your website

We do research on real people to let you know:

  • How much do they like your page?
  • Whether they understand the offer on your website?
  • If they feel your website is trustworthy?

Only $699 USD for a report based on 50 people

We deliver full report in maximum 24 hours.

Test is combined of english speaking panelists from US & UK. You can set demographics based on age, education level and interests.

3 simple steps to get the report

1. Send us your website

You can send it as an image or an URL. We will create a proper in-depth research study.

2. Give panelists some time

We perform a study on our panelists. Afterwards we analyze how they perceive your site (using eye-tracking) and ask them a followup questions.

3. Read the report

You will get an email with the report within 24 hours. It contains our highlights and peoples' feedback summary.

David Darmanin
CEO, hotjar.com

"I'm really impressed with what Adam has created with RealEye. It's astounding how easy and fast it is to track and report on eye movement for a page or design."

Lewis Healey
UX Designer, firebox.com

"We found users weren't noticing key parts of our value proposition, that we couldn't have discovered with screen recordings or heatmaps. This service is invaluable and even better.....affordable."


When you finally got visitors from SEO and ads ... leaving your page.

Do they Trust?

Trust is the first step towards conversions. Make sure your website feels trustworthy to viewers so they won't leave right after entering your site.

Do they Like?

We behave the same way online as we do offline. We are wired to trust beautiful websites, just like we're more likely to trust beautiful people.

- study by Dr Coker
University of Melbourne

Do they Understand?

You have just a few seconds to explain your offer to visitors, otherwise they'll exit and go to next "Search Result".

Methodology behind the Report

5-seconds test

Each of 100 people look at your page for 5 seconds.

Why five seconds?

NN/Group Studies have found that visitors only spend a few seconds assessing your website before deciding whether to stay or leave.


Afterwards panelists are asked followup questions to grade and describe what they saw.

If a page quickly and easily communicates your offer, then it's more likely to increase engagement and reduce Bounce Rate.

Free browsing session

Participants are asked to browse your website freely for about 40-50 seconds.

After this step they need to answer the same questions about trust, offer understanding & visual aspects. We compare their answer and see how their opinions differ in time.


During the 5-seconds test, we're using a webcam eye-tracking technology (provided by RealEye.io) to detect which parts of website panelists are focusing on.

Based on the results, we can check whether users notice and pay attention to the most important elements of the site, such as a headline or a CTA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Re/Feedback is a service that makes it easy to get feedback from real people on any landing page, web page or design (graphics, mockups etc.) which will bring you closer to understanding their behaviour.

It's the most simple way to learn what other people think about your website even before launching it. With their feedback, you’ll gain clarity and insight on how people view and understand your page, and all sorts of other signals that will help you improve for greater success.

Actually, not using any tool like this for user feedback may be dangerous for your business! It's crucial to know how users interpret your website, do they trust it and how do they feel while browsing. Not knowing this may seriously harm your traffic!

There's a term called "Bounce Rate" which defines briefly your users' behaviour. We're going deeper to understand real reasons why they stay or bounce while visiting your website.

You have two options:

  1. Live website - provide us any public URL and we'll make a test on it's screenshot
  2. Project / Design - upload any PNG/JPG to make the test even on an unpublished website.

You can test any kind of page. Testing your "coming soon page", "product page" or "pricing offer" is also a good idea.

We're using Braintree (a PayPal company) to charge your Credit Card. We're not storing its number at any time. You can also pay with your PayPal account.

Our standard offer is a PDF report based on feedback from 50 panelists. In case you have some other inquiry, please let us know via email or Skype.

Yes, please leave your company data in the "comment" field while purchasing the report.

Our company data is as follows:

RealEye sp. z o. o.
Obornicka 330
60-689 Poznań / Poland
VAT: PL 9721299175

The test is combined of a 50 English speaking panelists from US & UK on their laptop / desktop devices with webcam eye-tracking.

You can set targeting by age (between 18-65), please leave it as a comment while purchasing in "Comments" section.

Yes, we can narrow your panelists group by age (between 18-65). Please leave it as a comment while sending us your Landing Page.

During the entire test, we’re using a remote webcam eye-tracking tool to detect which parts of a website panelists are looking at.

Thanks to eye-tracking results we can check if users are noticing and paying attention to the most important elements on a website like the main header or CTA.

We're describing their behavior based on eye-tracking data and place it as one of the sections in your PDF report.

Sure, while adding your website we're asking you to choose the version: mobile or desktop.

If you want to test both you have to purchase 2 reports (we'll merge them into one if you wish, let us know by email). This is because we still need to recruit more panelists to make sure we're displaying your page to panelists who haven't seen your offer yet.

We deliver the report as PDF file to your email within 24 hours.

Ups.. Sorry about that! Something must went wrong on our site... Please write us a message via email or Skype and we'll make sure to deliver your report ASAP.
In case we know we will not be able to deliver the report in 24 business hours we will send you an email with an estimation for when it will be ready.

Any other questions?

Feel free to get in touch:

Adam Cellary

Skype: adam.cellary

Learn how your website looks & feels from the perspective of 50 people.

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