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Online Display Ads (Banner ads, FB Ads)

Lots of money is spent on display ads. Before spending money, performance specialists want to know that their ads will grab enough attention to have the right chance of converting. Like for website and landing pages, traffic is a precious resource and so performance marketers want to focus it on the most valuable A/B tests to further boost conversion. RealEye saves them from wasting valuable advertising spend.

How RealEye solves this for:

  1. Banner Ads: You can know what % of people are noticing your display ads (banner ads) on a webpage - and for how long they view them (you can know if they fully absorbed the content).
  2. Social Media Ads (Fb, Linkedin - including in the newsfeed): You can also know what % of people notice your ads when promoting them on social media. You can even know how eye-catching your ads are within the newsfeed - what % see them and how long they view them for.
Coming soon...

We are building the capabilities to automatically render and place ads onto representative pages. Importantly:

  • These representative pages are interactive, e.g. scrolling and click are allowed, so that the results are achieved in as natural a context as possible.
  • Eye panelists can also be given relevant tasks to perform on these interactive pages similar to what a normal visitor wants to achieve boosting naturalness further.

See other use-cases

CRO/UX for Websites

Before launching a new website or a landing page for a customer, an agency wants to check if the right elements on a page are attracting attention. Are people seeing the CTA, key headlines, etc.?

Outdoor billboards

Billboard advertising is expensive (materials, installation, rental) and there is no chance to change it once placed. It's very important to make sure the design grabs people's attention and they absorb the content.

Storefront & shelving

Make sure your products are standing out from the crowd on store shelves. It's absolutely crucial for your customers to notice your product and focus proper attention on your labels.