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Outdoor Billboards

Billboard advertising is expensive (materials, installation, rental) and there is no chance to change it once placed. It’s very important to make sure the design grabs people’s attention and they absorb the content.

With RealEye businesses can see how eye-catching their proposed billboard designs are in real-world contexts. With RealEye you can measure the impact your billboard will make before even printing it out.

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Like for display ads, RealEye can render and place the proposed billboard designs in various real-word photo contexts, e.g. bus shelter, metro, by roads, on buildings. It will soon be possible to do it for video. This means it will represent the real world as much as possible, e.g. eye-tracking while playing videos from the point of view of someone:

  • walking down a street by a bus stop,
  • driving / sitting in the passenger seat of a car

See other use-cases

Online display Ads.

Lots of money is spent on display ads. Before spending money, performance specialists want to know that their ads will grab enough attention to have the right chance of converting.

CRO/UX for Websites

Before launching a new website or a landing page for a customer, an agency wants to check if the right elements on a page are attracting attention. Are people seeing the CTA, key headlines, etc.

Storefront & shelving

Make sure your products are standing out from crowd on store shelves. It's absolutely crutial for your customers to notice your prouduct and forcus proper attention on your labels.