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Outdoor Billboards

Billboard advertising is expensive (materials, installation, rental) and there is no chance to change it once placed. It's very important to make sure the design grabs people's attention and they absorb the content.

With RealEye businesses can see how eye-catching their proposed billboard designs are in real-world contexts. With RealEye you can measure the impact your billboard will make before even printing it out.

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Lucas Koldys
Analytics & Insights Deputy Director, WaveMaker Poland

"RealEye has created a tool that allows us to quickly and easily choose the most effective display or OOH formats."

Lucas Pytlewski
Analytics & Insights Director, WaveMaker Poland

"Wavemaker have gained a tool that lets us quickly and methodologically carry out pre-tests for OOH and Digital ads. "

OHH Analysis - how to start?

You can either use our platform to create your research or see our dedicated offer.
  • Using our allows you to test any image. It's up to you how do you wish to conduct your study and how do you want to analyze the eye-tracking data.
  • Using our Attention & Design score PDF reports will take the heavy lifting out of your shoulders. We'll take care of panelists, study design and a full report with comparison to our general benchmark. This methodology was developed with a polish branch of Wavemaker (part of Group M).