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CRO/UX for Websites & Landing Pages

Before launching a new website or a landing page for a customer, an agency wants to check if the right elements on a page are attracting attention. Are people seeing the CTA, key headlines, etc.?

RealEye can allow marketers to easily check if visitors are seeing key page content (what % of visitors, how long for) as well as spot other UX errors. RealEye is both fast and efficient vs other methods. Importantly:

  • Unlike A/B testing or screen recordings, RealEye doesn't require any traffic to get results. Now agencies can spend their very valuable website traffic on A/B test that's increase conversions and deliver real value (not checking for their errors)
  • RealEye can help ensure campaigns are successful from the moment of launch. This is especially important for big campaigns (lots of money) or campaigns that will run for a short amount of time (little time to correct). With RealEye, agencies can have the certainty their campaigns have the best chance of success.
  • Website design with clients is often tricky due to subjective opinions. Using eye-tracking can help reduce design debates with clients.
  • Eye-tracking reports show professionalism and are a strong signal to clients. It helps prove to an agency's client that it's (often expensive) services are valuable.

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Let 50 People Feedback Your Website

We've created a sub-service that allows you to get actionable feedback for your website.

We do research on real people to let you know:

  • How much do they like your page?
  • Whether they understand the offer on your website?
  • If they feel your website is trustworthy?
  • We create those insights based on surveys, eye-tracking and more.

See other use-cases

Online display Ads.

Lots of money is spent on display ads. Before spending money, performance specialists want to know that their ads will grab enough attention to have the right chance of converting.

Outdoor billboards

Billboard advertising is expensive (materials, installation, rental) and there is no chance to change it once placed. It's very important to make sure the design grabs people's attention and they absorb the content.

Storefront & shelving

Make sure your products are standing out from the crowd on store shelves. It's absolutely crucial for your customers to notice your product and focus proper attention on your labels.