Free RealEye license
to make a Case Study.

Why? Because we want to bring down the entry cost of trying out RealEye/webcam eyetracking. As a consequence we want you to be able to sell start selling eyetracking to your customers.
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What you get:

  • RealEye license:
    • 2 months,
    • up to own 200 panelists,
    • up to 10 min studies
  • Our help with setting up the study and understanding the metrics.
  • Help in copywriting and graphic design.
  • Joint case study that you may use for sales purposes.
Rules to apply:
  • Only for new customers.
  • We will promote these case studies publicly.
  • No risk - if you fail there is no cost attached

For whom:

  • Agencies that want to start offering eyetracking studies.
  • Agencies that want to start doing webcam eyetracking.

What you need to do?

  • Make a study,
  • get a brand consent to publish the case study,
  • describe the results,
  • share them with us, so we may together create case study.

Areas for case study:

  • image/svg+xml
    Shopper insights
    Packaging, shelf evaluation, A/B tests
  • image/svg+xml
    UX research
    Live website tests, website mockups
  • image/svg+xml
    Graphical/ video ads. evaluation
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    Let us know your idea!

Let's get started!

Let's connect and discuss your case. We'd love to hear your thoughts and help kick off your research with us!

"Webcam-based eye-tracking has vast potential within market research and RealEye made a great effort customizing their solutions to our needs. We succeeded in having live online interviews with eye-tracking included and we look forward to build on this pilot study to take further advantage of this solution in future research."

Stefan Papadakis
Insight Consultant, IPSOS

"I'm really impressed with what Adam has created with RealEye. It's astounding how easy and fast it is to track and report on eye movement for a page or design."

David Darmanin
Trusted by freelancers, small to big companies, students, and universities.