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See through your customers' eyes!

by Adam Cellary

DEC 8th @11AM EST and @11AM CET

Learn how to conduct online eye-tracking research in 3 simple steps using RealEye

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CSV Data Exports and programmatic API access.

RealEye enables an option to download your study results in form of CSV files. As it's a standardized, comma-separated files - majority of 3rd party analytic tools will easily handle the data import. In addition, you can also connect to RealEye API and get all the results via HTTP protocol secured by TSLv2 (HTTPS).

CSV Exports:

There are a few types available, split into a few categories:

  • Gazes - individual gaze prediction position in time
  • Fixations - list of fixations for each participant
  • AOI exports - aggregated data for created Areas Of Interests
  • Facial Coding - individual raw data for every emotion in time
  • Survey results - individual responses for every participant
  • Keyboard and Mouse - clicks and keyboard strokes in time
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API-based access to your data

If you need to automize some of your workflow with gathering and analyzing eye-tracking data, you might want to try RealEye API. RealEye tests can be also customized by incoming URLs - this allows you to control the study content dynamically, e.g. display different images for each user based on previous survey answers.

See API Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily integrate the RealEye tool with external tools (eg. surveys), but also compare the results obtained from other tools using our CSV file (i.e. by the timestamp).
We schedule a one-hour online session (i.e. via Skype or Google Meet) for max. 2 people to explain software details. You can expect to get knowledge about running different types of eye-tracking studies (from full mockups testing to quick-views for online ads.) and about analyzing data. It would be helpful if you browse through ReaEye a bit before the session (free trial, sample results, etc.).
Please visit to learn more or use our contact form.

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