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Online Surveys - declarative layer to your research

There's no better way to learn what your participants think and their declarative preferences than asking them. This is why RealEye allows you to add a layer to your research - follow-up questions. Choose from various questions and build surveys that will enable you to collect and analyze the data on an individual and aggregated level.

Add an unlimited amount of follow-up surveys and questions. Click & learn more about Online Surveys Module.

Core features

  • Ask follow-up questions
  • Drag & drop survey builder
  • Choose from a variety of questions
  • Aggregated & individual analysis
  • Export the data
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A few more reasons to try our surveys

  • Unlimited questions
    No cap on the number of surveys you can create.
  • No storage limits
    Keep survey responses for as long as you need with no caps on storage.
  • Reliable customer support
    Use our chat toolbox and expect an answer within a few hours max.
  • Easy survey creator
    Set up surveys with live preview and see the outcome immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Either your own or RealEye participants. You can invite your users or panel and share the study with them using a participation link. All they need to have is a laptop/PC with a webcam.

We also have a network of panelists from all over the world - mainly from the UK and the US. Randomly picked users can be assigned to your task. They are called RealEye participants. We will not show them your stimuli before the test starts, so their interaction will be natural.

Note: RealEye participants can't take part in a 'Live Website' studies and studies longer than 10 minutes. Read more about the limitations here.

You can get additional participants at any time you need it. This will increase your limit in the current billing period only. Each additional slot for an own participant costs $1.2. Hiring Realeye participants is only $10 each.

When you order RealEye panelists, we make sure to provide the highest quality results. All recordings are checked by us to make sure that you get results with an accuracy of fewer than 175 pixels and at least a 20 Hz sampling rate. Assuring high-quality results usually requires us to pay for and check more panelists than you've requested, but we take that cost on us - so you pay only for the best results.

Yes, you can download the data collected during the study as a CSV file. For more details please refer to

Also, you can download each AOI CSV file.

If there’s any data that you would like the CSV file to include, please contact us and we’ll provide any additional data.

Our tool doesn’t generate reports. As a result you’ll receive gaze and mouse recordings, heatmaps with an AOI tool and CSV files (including the AOI data). You can download all the data you need: heatmaps as a PNG file, recordings as an MP4 file and the CSV file, easily translated into an excel file.
There are only monthly payments, so there’s no possibility to pay per study. But keep in mind that you can cancel your license any time (even in the same month) - you’ll keep the account access until the end of the billing period (30 days from the last payment).
You can easily integrate the RealEye tool with external tools (eg. surveys), but also compare the results obtained from other tools using our CSV file (i.e. by the timestamp).
We schedule a one-hour online session (i.e. via Skype or Google Meet) for max. 2 people to explain software details. You can expect to get knowledge about running different types of eye-tracking studies (from full mockups testing to quick-views for online ads.) and about analyzing data. It would be helpful if you browse through ReaEye a bit before the session (free trial, sample results, etc.).
Please visit to learn more or use our contact form.

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