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RealEye 11.0 Release Notes - Improved Fixation Filter

RealEye 11.0 Release Notes - Improved Fixation Filter

RealEye version 11.0 provides even more reliable and precise eye-tracking metrics and K-factor values.

Please be aware that heatmaps, recordings, and AOI statistics in RealEye version 11.0, in many cases, are a bit different from the previous versions.

Please read RealEye's version 11.0 Fixation Filter description for more information.
RealEye API version 2.3.0 (released with RealEye v11.0) Documentation. Please check the API Changelog.

  • New Features:
    • Introduce a "Maximum Fixation Duration (ms)" parameter for the Fixation Filter.
    • Introduce a "Maximum Saccade Duration (ms)" parameter. Allows adjusting the K-factor algorithm.
    • K-factor raw data export.
    • Support WEBP image format.
    Major Changes:
    • Improve gaze velocity algorithm for (I-VT) Fixation Filter. Gaze velocity calculation is now more uniform. Velocity value is normalized by screen diagonal, which makes this parameter independent of participant resources.
    • Improve eye-tracking samples denoising by applying a Time of Interest (TOI) in the moving median algorithm. Moving median algorithm formerly used fixed median range. The new solution that takes the median range based on time of interest is more resilient to various edge case scenarios, for example, partly missing data or different sampling rates.
    • Improved default settings of the Fixation Filter.
    • #api New filtration parameters (maxFixationDurationMs and maxSaccadeDurationMs).
    • #performance Eye-tracking samples are no longer interpolated up to 60 Hz but up to 30 Hz.
    • Eye-tracking samples are denoised first and then interpolated.
    • New Participant Quality Stats algorithm (version 9). Gaze is considered to be "on screen" for gazes up to 5% "off the screen".
  • User interface and experience improvements:
    • Add time selector inputs for the Analytics dashboard.
    • Add the Albanian language for the test.
    • Add the Hindi language for the test.
    • Add the Vietnamese language for the test.
    • Add the Tagalog language for the test.
    • #ui Add information about K and Smartphones to LP (Landing Page).
    • #ui Change "7-days free license" -> "7-day free license".
    • Increase the limit of video files to 500 MB for replacing the videos.
    • #ui Change translation to fit UI.
    • #ui Heatmap correction by 1% instead of 30px.
    • #translate "OK" in generating the steps
  • Various improvements and bug fixes:
    • Fix moving median algorithm (denoising). The old version was overriding raw data while performing filtration, which compromised the processing results.
    • Improve automated tests for Fixation Filter (and related components).
    • #fix Fix seach study by name & ID
    • #csv #api #performance Stream all CSV files.
    • #fix Increase bottom margin for the player bar to show horizontal slider when zooming on heatmaps dashboard.
    • #fix Company discount was not calculated properly.
    • #performance Cache saccades.
    • #ui #heatmap Don't show empty sections below "Noise reduction window" when "From Gazes".
    • #fix Fix contact form.
    • #fix Fix Start --> "Começar" in PT.


RealEye 10.1 - 10.13 Release Notes

RealEye 10.1 - 10.13 Release Notes

  • New Features:
    • Stimuli grouping with pinning and randomization.
    • WYSIWYG editor for study instructions.
    • Mean Attention K.
    • Star a Study.
    • Replace image/video of existing stimulus.
    • Data Chart with saccades.
    • Clone study stimulus.
    • #api Set study participant and panelist count.
    • #api Finish study.
    • #api Provide Study "participationLinks".
    • #api Endpoint to delete Study and delete Item.
    Major Changes:
    • CSV export on Heatmap page applies all selected filters (e.g. age, gender, tags)
    • #api #csv AOI Overall Stats can provide data for limited count of Items when using `itemsOffset` and `itemsLimit` GET parameters.
    • #api #csv AOI Overall Stats can provide data for limited count of AOIs when using `aoisOffset` and `aoisLimit` GET parameters.
    • Improve 3DSecure payments.
    • Disallow Study modification when RealEye Panelists are providing results.
    • #api Specify stimulus CDN URL via test link parameter.
  • User interface and experience improvements:
    • Minor UI improvements for license usage bar.
    • Show License "active from / till".
    • user can select entire image as trigger with single click
    • Show license related dates in UTC timezone.
    • Improve error message when study could not be cloned.
    • Improve error message when could not compute AOI stats.
    • Add "Traditional Chinese" translation.
    • Translate test page title.
    • Sort links for all languages.
    • Requested longer question/answer limit in survey module.
    • Improved BR translations.
    • #ui "Set Participants" shows actual participant and panelist number.
    • Add Romanian translation.
    • Reset aoi selector if time range is changed.
    • Add max saccade duration ui slider.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes:
    • Profile form was not storing information about account for non-whitelabel users.
    • Changing participants limits when external URLs are enabled caused error 500.
    • Fix computing AOI stats for saved AOI when changing its time range.
    • Make sure we're storing the data from a video stream.
    • AOI save returns error (when AOI was not changed, just saved).
    • Fixation Plot player on mobile videos.
    • JS error (setInterval was not cleared).
    • Optimize how instructions are being displayed if they are longer (scroll).
    • Prevent WYSIWYG editor from saving empty string.
    • Redirect to quota-full (if set), if the study is filled.
    • Automatically create new license for Subscription new billing cycle.
    • Show 400 error page with info when study runs with invalid item filename.
    • Don't scale UP images (by width).
    • Try to correct AOIs when cloning a study.
    • Stream AOI Overall Stats CSV so download starts as soon as first data is available.
    • #fix - don't export ignored participants data.
    • Don't include ignored participants in Survey exports.
    • #ui Show actual Participant Quality Stats algorithm version - not the latest one.
    • #fix fantom clicks
    • #et Gaze max duration changed from 16 to 33 ms (as for 30 FPS webcam).
    • #fix - don't take deleted items into account when generating testFlow from URL
    • #ui Fix Participant Log missing translation.
    • #fix Fix FireFox webcam access issue.
    • #fix Fix total usable participant count (don't count non-checked RE panelists).
    • #fix Fix sending email about RealEye Panelists results collected.
    • #fix - when canceling transcoding cloned video - it disappears
    • #security Check blog URL `page` is an integer.
    • #security Require all routes `{studyId}` to be an UUIDv4.
    • #security Require all routes `{itemId}` to be an UUIDv4.
    • #security Require all routes `{participantId}` to be an UUIDv4.
    • #dev Upgrade to Symfony 5.4 (LTS).
    • #fix for drag&drop groups
    • #fix: removing transparent background from PNG images and replace with #ffffff
    • Remove affiliate page.
    • #fix heatmaps dashboard: left slider will work after the content is resized
    • #fix allow purchasing own participants with a step of 5 (min. 5)
    • #fix Subscription license valid until end of last day.
    • #fix #ui Show properly "Team collaboration" is available or not.
    • Update stats on changed not on changing.
    • #fix Subscription based license valid for one day longer so Braintree can charge for the next billing cycle.
    • #fix: Cloning a study is not copying stimuliFlow
    • Revoke white label feature when subscription expired.
    • Hosted session waits for audio and video stream to start.
    • #fix: Don't load stimuliFlow module when videos are still being transcoded (UI is blocked)
    • Hosted session works with white-label enabled.
    • #fix: website heatmaps can be zoom in / out.
    • #fix: player is loading video when opened in a new tab.
    • Increase video max file size to 500 MB.


Research about Dynamics of visual attention during online lectures

When COVID-19 appeared, many activities were brought online. This applies to learning - schools and Universities had to find a way to fulfill their task without meeting students in person. Most of them, like the rest of the world, started using videoconference tools like ZOOM, MS Teams or Google Meet. But is teaching this way as effective as the traditional approach?

Declarative studies show that students and lecturers positively assess remote learning, but there is no evidence of the impact of online learning on the objective indicators of visual attention and information processing. It is also not known how social cues (e.g. the faces of other students) during the presentation, lack of eye contact between teacher and students, and cognitive overload caused by looking at the computer screen affect information processing. To evaluate those factors deeper, researchers from the SWPS University and Clemson University conducted an eye-tracking study, using the RealEye software. They wanted to analyze 3 aspects:

  • the distribution of visual attention between presentation, teacher, other students, and one's own face;
  • the visual attention distribution in the groups with low and high scores from the post-lecture knowledge test;
  • the relationship between lecture-related knowledge and dynamics of visual processing (ambient/focal attention) during the lecture.


RealEye pricing is now updated

RealEye is committed to providing you with the quality you expect and deserve. We've found a way to minimize the price increase while keeping the continuous development of the tool to increase the quality of our service. Here's the new pricing model:

  • Basic: $249/month; $2490/year;
  • Standard: $600/month; $6000/year;
  • Student: $29/month; $290/year;
  • University: $420/month; $4200/year;
  • $1.2/each - additional own participant;
  • $10/each - additional RealEye participant;

We appreciate your continued support through this time of growth and change. If you have any further questions regarding the new pricing, please feel free to contact us. Our team is always happy to discuss this situation with you.

- RealEye Team


Attention Measurement with Eye-tracking & K-coefficient

There were many attempts to create a dynamic visual attention indicator, finally a group of scientists from SWPS University (who we had the pleasure to meet and work with) succeeded in creating a K-coefficient. This parameter uses eye movement parameters (fixation duration and saccade amplitude) to define the path of attention dynamic of an examined person.

In eye-tracking research, we can distinguish two general types of visual attention: ambient and focal. Ambient attention indicates a scanning pattern over stimuli (typical for the early stages of scene perception), characterized by short duration fixations followed by long saccades. Longer fixations followed by shorter saccades, on the other hand, are indicative of focal attention. The more focal processing of the stimuli, the deeper attention is given, which can mean that someone is actively processing the information.

Use RealEye platform te see the K-coefficient in time and analyze the attention level of the particiapnts.

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