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News from RealEye team

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RealEye 8.10 - Image items have scrolling disabled by default.

Please note that image items (stimuli) have scrolling DISABLED by default - as that's the majority of use cases.

RealEye 8.10 Release Notes


RealEye 8.9 - Cloning a Study

Cloning study is now possible with RealEye 8.9. Fast way of creating study copy with the same items (stimuli) and settings.
Read feature description on our support page: How to clone a study.

RealEye 8.9 Release Notes

  • New Features:
  • Minor UI/UX improvements, e.g.:
    • Add video platform demo to Free Trial.
  • Various improvements and minor bug fixes:
    • Update 3rd party libraries.
    • Fix Keystroke stats when data is not available.
    • Don't send Free Trial mailing to people who join the company as collaborators.
    • Fix study edition flow for reverted study.


RealEye 8.8 - run an eye-tracking test with only the specified items

RealEye version 8.8 can run an eye-tracking test with only the specified items.
Read feature description on a How to run test with specified items support page to know more.

RealEye 8.8 Release Notes

  • New Features:
    • Run test with specified items.
    • Update TesterQualityStats to use StudyFlow (not require all Items).
  • API:
  • Minor UI/UX improvements, e.g.:
    • Add submenu with actions for the study list.
    • Edit item edit boxes smaller.
    • Remove videos when selecting a new study type.
  • Various improvements and minor bug fixes:
    • Update 3rd party libraries.
    • Store tester age from the URL params.
    • AOI part can't exceed image width/height.
    • Fix filtering by pressed key - an UPPER phrase for searched value.


RealEye 8.7 - Multipart AOI

We're happy to announce that we've just released RealEye v8.7, which contains 2 new features and some improvements:

RealEye 8.7 Release Notes

  • New Features:
    • Create AOIs (areas of interests) from several smaller parts.
    • Record participants voice (voice-over) in the "Live Websites" type of study.
  • Minor UI/UX improvements.
  • Various improvements and minor bug fixes.

Thanks to the multipart tool - AOI, you can now combine data calculations from several areas scattered throughout the image or video. Please see the following video to find out more about what's new:


RealEye 8.6 - Public API

With many new features and improvements, we now also make our API publicly available!

RealEye API is still being developed according to our customers' needs, so be sure there will be a lot of new API features coming soon :)

RealEye 8.6 Release Notes

  • New Features:
    • Public API via HTTP to fetch collected data.
    • Pass additional variables when dispatching links with several studies.
    • Allow un-ignoring participants.
    • Include full test URL in the Tester Log when the tester opens the test page.
    • The test-dispatch link won't include finished studies (unless all are finished).
    • Change to the maximum of 300 images in images based study.
  • CSV and API:
    • Export keyboard and mouse stats per participant.
    • Include `tester_display_gender` in CSV files.
    • Include Item CDN URL in all CSVs.
    • Include Test Criteria in CSV notes.
  • Minor UI/UX improvements, e.g.:
    • Update Brazilian translation.
    • Add brand new Turkish translations and update existing ones.
    • Translate the whole service to Polish.
    • Better UX for video heatmaps.
    • Add dropdown with languages to the participation link.
    • Use GIF for video item preview.
  • Various improvements and minor bug fixes:
    • Fix white-label not storing tester logs for non-English language.
    • Fix bug with analysis dashboard.
    • Fix sliders for image based studies.
    • Fix average display time when params are fetched from URL.
    • Fix copy "en" study link.
    • Fix for recording player -> change videos without pausing.
    • Show a tooltip with Item ID and filename.
    • Apply security patches.

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