RealEye 15.29 - 15.44 Release Notes

March 21, 2024

Release Notes

We're excited to announce the latest update to our platform, designed to enhance your experience and address some key issues identified by our user community. This release brings new features, user interface improvements, fixes, and performance upgrades.

New Features

  • Camera Usage Warning: To improve user experience and prevent conflicts, we've added a warning notification when the camera is being used by another application.
  • Download Heatmap for Embedded Websites: You can now directly download heatmaps for websites embedded within our platform, streamlining your analysis workflow.
  • Unified Media Uploader: Simplify your workflow with our new single uploader for both images and videos, making it easier to manage your media files.


  • UI Improvements:
    • Previous and Next Panelist Navigation: On the recording screen, navigate seamlessly between panelists with new Previous and Next buttons, enhancing your review process.
  • CSV Adjustments: We've removed duplicated columns in the CSV export to streamline data analysis and improve clarity.


  • Heatmap Rendering: Fixed an issue where heatmaps were not rendering correctly for small images, ensuring accurate data representation across all image sizes.
  • Stimuli Flow: Updated the stimuli flow process after uploading items to maintain the correct order, enhancing the consistency of your tests.
  • Facial Coding Error: Addressed a specific facial coding error that caused a stimulus display loop in some edge cases, improving reliability.

Performance Improvements

  • Calibration Enhancements:
    • Improved the calibration performance, making the process faster and more accurate.
    • Fixed an issue where moving the calibration point could trigger unwanted mouse events, enhancing the calibration accuracy.
    • Modified the calibration process to wait for all data to be processed before applying the regression model, ensuring higher precision.
  • Data Processing:
    • Streamlined the "AOI Stats per Participant" CSV data streaming, improving the efficiency of data analysis.

Thank you for your continued support. We're committed to continually improving our platform to meet your needs and appreciate any feedback you have on these updates.

  • #ui Add warning when camera is curently use by another application
  • #fix Heatmap rendering for small images
  • #fix Update stimuli flow after uploading items to ensure right order.
  • #ui Download heatmap for embeded website
  • #ui Single uploader for images and videos
  • #ui Previous and Next panelist buttons on recording screen
  • #csv Remove duplicated columns
  • #performance #fix moving calibration point unwanted mouse events
  • #performance Improve calibration performance.
  • #performance Stream "AOI Stats per Participant" CSV.
  • #performance wait for all data to process calibration (regression model)
  • #fix Fix Facial Coding error causing stimulus display loop in some edge cases.
  • #fix disable touch swiping modal content
  • #performance Improve performance of recalculating calibration data
  • #fix Add fallback url for the rare case that source from blob breaks video.
  • #performance Introduce workers to improve backend performance.

RealEye 15.17.0 - 15.28.1 Release Notes

January 22, 2024
  • #fix Image for screen recording, and type: url
  • #dev Prevent adding internal RealEye URL variables to finishUrl
  • #fix Auto play video on demo (iPhones).
  • #fix parameter keys can have '.'
  • #fix On replacing old image, hotspots are rescaled to match new dimensions.
  • Figma import
  • #ui Update hotspots after replacing image.
  • #fix Scale hotspots on video replace.
  • #fix Open hosted app in our domain and if white label enabled change participant invitation link accordingly.
  • #fix Handle empty denoised data.
  • Study recordings white label
  • #hotfix don't scale embedded recording by top and bottom bar
  • #fix Volume down/up/mute keys don't  trigger "on keypress"
  • #ui Round max view time up (ceil), not down (floor)
  • #ux Enter acts as shortcut for clicking Next button
  • Register with Google Account
  • #ux add missing labels for PL ES PT
  • Pass parameter to iframe with & or ? depends on the item URL
  • #ux add missing translations for footer and mockup tests
  • New itemTestId column in AOI fixations per participant report
  • #fix Rectangular part in polygon AOI problem
  • #sdk For dynamic height (infinite scroll) website use AOI Position Log and "scroll" event to override it.
  • #sdk Embedded Website SDK 1.4.0.
  • #doc Live website example with infinite scroll.
  • #sdk Detect Webflow layout height properly.
  • #fix Update slider after gaze data is loaded to ensure clicks are "refreshed"
  • #fix Apply filtering doesn't trigger slider to update so current video time is no longer set to wrong value
  • #ux - copy item and place it as the next on in the studyFlow order
  • Remove "word count" metric (#performance)
  • #fix Redundant loadResults call if no participantUrl supplied.
  • #fix Add challenge requested flag.
  • Let keeping preview results
  • #csv "AOI Metrics per participant" replacing "AOI Fixations Stats per participant".
  • #ui update few ES translations
  • #ui Make "reset password" email look nice
  • #security Password reset captcha

RealEye 15.16.0 - 15.16.3 Release Notes

October 30, 2023
  • #feature Remove whole item group (with items belonging to it) in study setup.
  • #feature Show item image/video above the survey question.
  • #ux Draw rectangle aoi by clicking and dragging (instead of two clicks).
  • #fix On screen recording, 'onhover' event is locked until eyes position is recorded and system is ready for next capture.
  • #ui Indicate that eyes position is recorded by dot animation.

RealEye 15.2 - 15.10 Release Notes

October 9, 2023

Here's a list of what has changed since the last update:

  • #api Update participants tags endpoint.
  • #fix Empty item parts error handling.
  • #ux #jssdk Warn if document dimensions are 0 on embedded website.
  • #fix #api Stimuli in GET study endpoints.
  • #api Tablet property in API response.
  • #api External skip url in API Response.
  • #performance #et Optimize Eye-tracker retraining performance.
  • #et #accuracy Make eye-tracker use more useful eye image (wider height).
  • #et #accuracy Improve desktop eye-tracking calibration.
  • #et #ux Improve "Gaze vs click accuracy" to take screen diagonal (in pixels) into account. Participant Quality Stats v10.
  • #fix Maximum duration from grouped items taken into account.
  • #fix Division by zero protection in licensing logic.
  • #fix 2 count scenarios for group (show all & 1 item selected randomly).
  • #ux Min image resolution is 300 px for one dimension (width or height).
  • #ux Open test in new tab by clicking icon nex to "PARTICIPATION LINK"
  • #ux Make "(3) Results" reload the page.
  • #ux Protect agains providing duplicated results.
  • #ux Improve recording video and sound quality.
  • #ux Use original video file for analysis when "Use original file" is enabled for that stimulus.
  • #fix Require email confirmation for account registration.

RealEye 15.1 Release Notes

September 11, 2023

We have made an upgrade to the latest version of PHP. This change is almost transparent to the end user, but lets us build our solution faster, better and more secure.

RealEye 15.1 Release Notes:

RealEye 15.0 Release Notes

August 29, 2023

RealEye v15.0 Release Notes

  • Polygonal (free-form) AOI.
  • Aoi K Coefficient.
  • Option to  Redirect to “Screen out URL” when participant fails to calibrate.
  • #ui New data chart plot: K factor raw data.
  • Data chart image download.
  • Email when license usage is about to be full.
  • #doc Embedded Website SDK.
  • #performance Speed up file upload.
  • #performance Optimize layout images size.
  • #support Update Embedded website example.
  • Revert “#eyetracker Use wider left eye image to improve accuracy.”.
  • #hotfix #jssdk Html document layout viewport may be 0!!!
  • #hotfix #jssdk Listen for elements mutation changes to catch attribute change.
  • Mockup image does not have to be always scrolled (feature request(s) for Shopper Mockups).
  • Allow control scrolling for video mockups.
  • Clone item order.
  • #fix Ghost fixations.
  • #ui Missing translations added.
  • #fix Points close very close to border used to have small negative value instead of 0.
  • #fix – allow “comma” in URL address validator.

Polygonal AOI

August 29, 2023

RealEye, the online eye-tracking solution, has just released a new feature that allows users to create free form areas of interest (AOIs) using polygons. This feature enables users to define more complex and irregular shapes for their AOIs, which can be useful for analyzing eye movements on various types of stimuli. Users can also combine multiple polygons to create one AOI, which can be helpful for grouping related elements together.

Support: What is AOI?

To use this feature, users need to select the “Polygon” option from the AOI toolbar and then click on the points where they want to draw the polygon. Users can adjust the shape and size of the polygon by dragging the points or adding new ones.

This feature is available for all types of studies, including images, videos, and live websites. Users can access the feature from the “AOI” tab on the dashboard. Users can also export the AOI data in CSV format for further analysis.

We hope that this feature will enhance your eye-tracking research and provide you with more insights into how people perceive your stimuli. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us at Thank you for choosing RealEye!

RealEye 14.0 – 14.14 Release Notes

July 4, 2023

In the current version:

  • Embedded Website tests for aggregated results
  • #feature keep scroll offset while browsing between mockup items
  • #csv Quality grade csv column
  • #fix Video replace change name
  • #fix Start mockup clock after user closes message confirm
  • #ui add Malay language
  • #fix AOI import success message
  • #fix live website tests quality stats
  • #fix Normalize button on emotion chart doesn’t expand y-axis to -1
  • #ux Disable “Pull to refresh” test on Android with Chrome.
  • #hotfix When touchend removed swipe/click was triggering both swipe and click resulting in double-click.
  • #hotfix If swipe is enabled and test device is desktop attach click event instead of swipe.
  • #hofix Live website study used to set display time to 0s.
  • Store Participant’s device pixel ratio.
  • #ux – warn users about possible corrupted recording preview for Page URI item type
  • #ui Minimal display time field
  • #ux Mak sure minimal display time do not exceed display time nor study max display time.
  • #fix On study clone, questions used to being cloned two times
  • #ui Improve study wizard – “Embedded Website” and “Screen Recording” type
  • #ui Display aoi id in heatmap aoi sidebar.
  • #fix Fix some CSV not taking exposure number into account properly.
  • #ui Add Norwegian & Danish translations
  • #ui All studies list
  • #ui Remove devices icons from finished list
  • #ui Select devices blockade
  • #performance Upgrade to Tensorflow JS 4.8.
  • #security Detect and block fraud batch payments + disabled devices tooltip
  • Passing query string to embedded website
  • #eyetracker Use wider left eye image to improve accuracy
  • #ux automatically choose camera (first from the top)
  • #fix Expected RE panelist count based on result orders

14.0.4 Embedded website tests

July 4, 2023

Exciting news from! We’ve developed a new feature called “Embedded Website Study” that lets you conduct quantitative research directly on your websites using our fresh SDK. This offers a deep dive into user behavior and motivations, leading to improved user experiences and engagement. Read our article about Embedded Website tests for aggregated results

RealEye 13.13.8-13.15.1 Release Notes

May 8, 2023

Here are some latest’s RealEye updates:

#ux Display free trial popup only for a basic free trial
#fix Live website not ending (timer used to stop when the tab was inactive)

#fix change Italian translations for customer

#feature License expiration email reminder

#feature Enable swipe on mockup studies (only apply to smartphones and tablets)

#fix Mouse not tracked when touching screen top.
#fix Participant average quality grade in CSV used to show wrong grades.
#dev Realeye version added to participant logger.

RealEye 13.9.2 – 13.13.6 Release Notes

April 28, 2023

Let’s see what has changed in RealEye over the past week!



  • #fix mockup finished after max study time
  • #fix video is muted if trigger unmute is on stimuli (even if trigger play on scroll)
  • #fix Test is paused if the window goes to the background

v13.10.0 (skipped)

  • #feature Embedding eye-tracker test (in iframe)


  • #security Iframe embedding security improvement (protection against proxy attack)


  • #feature Preloading videos


  • #fix True fullscreen when a test is embedded


  • add RealEye logo for non-white labeled tests


  • #ui Hide Realeye favicon on white labeled tests


  • #fix Mockup study starts when a participant is calibrated, and videos and images have been preloaded


  • #fix New Quaderno permalink mechanism


  • #fix Missing preloaded flag check

RealEye 13.8.0 – 13.9.1 Release Notes

April 21, 2023


  • #feature New hotspot type on study mockups: start video (when in viewport)



  • #fix On video (heatmap) end slider previews the frame while dragging

RealEye 13.7.1 and 13.7.2 Release Notes

April 19, 2023
  • #feature: Change AOI name.
  • #fix AOI import only for the authenticated users.
  • #fix On heatmap/recording analyzer load data for the current view type first, then load the rest asynchronously.
  • #fix Reset scroll position on matrix questions.

RealEye 13.6.0 Release Notes

April 17, 2023

In this version, we created a feature that allows copying created AOIs from one item to any other item in any study. Read more here.

RealEye 13.5.0 Release Notes

April 13, 2023

– New hotspot type that allows unmuting video on mockups. It can be retriggered to control the mute state.

– Sharing study results requires a dedicated link to access resources. The study result has the share function disabled. This change does not influence already shared studies.

– Optimization of the algorithm for computing AOI statistics. Computing AOI’s overall size improved.

RealEye 13.0-13.4 Release Notes

April 12, 2023

Here you’ll find RealEye's latest release notes:

Version 13.0

Test without eye-tracking: this feature allows conducting a RealEye test without the eye-tracking module. Calibration and related steps are omitted. Instead of a conventional eye-tracker mouse-tracker is used. The feature can be triggered on a specific test if ‘reio-webcam-disable=1 ‘ parameter is presented in the participant test link URL.

version 13.1

– Hide the exposure filter when the study isn’t a mockup.
– Hide cursor on recordings when fielding device is mobile.

version 13.2

– Export quality stats to CSV: participants’ quality data can be downloaded as a CSV file (contains all data visible under the ‘Quality Stats and Drop-rate’ tab).

version 13.3

– Clone mockup study surveys.

RealEye 12.13.0 Release Notes

March 15, 2023

Yesterday we released RealEye v12.12.0, and yet we’re happy to share another update. Since yesterday, we’ve managed to deliver the following:

  • Show info when Participant data is corrupted and quality stats can’t be computed.
  • Firefox website study blockade.
  • Heatmap and recording downloader.
  • #fix Video upload cancel.
  • #fix Remove double more & use translation instead of static text.
  • #admin Can filter studies by study status with other filtering parameters.
  • #admin Add features in licensing tab.
  • #dev WIP Refractor screen recorder function out of analyzers.

RealEye 12.12.0 Release Notes

March 14, 2023

In this update:

  • Add additional instruction popup with customized text and icons.
  • Users can change a stimulus name.
  • Audio is available on downloaded recordings.
  • Pausing Mockup tests when the “fix eyes” popup is presented.
  • #reliability Change max parallel uploads from 10 to 2 for images and 1 for videos – to make it more reliable.
  • #fix Wrong time range on the heatmap load.
  • #fix Missing quality column in the survey CSV file.
  • #fix Empty external data in keyboard and mouse CSV file & clean double column header prefix.
  • #fix Block upload if the file exceeds 500 MB.
  • #ui Minor message improvement about video transcoding.
  • #fix Do not save the eye-tracking sample if the timestamp is undefined.
  • #fix Workaround added in EBML that fixes webm download.
  • #fix Jobs page twig error.
  • #ui Change wording for additional instruction.

RealEye 12.1 – 12.7 Release Notes

February 24, 2023

New features:

Various improvements and bug fixes:

  • #feture – add new Occupation -> PhD Student
  • #fix Finish on click areas cloned properly.
  • #ui heatmaps dashboards timeslider adapts to the max. data time
  • #ui Change stimulus default display duration to 10s (from 20s).
  • #ui Minor improvements for study enabled devices.
  • #ui add confirmation popup when closing a test tab
  • #fix Data chart does not show.
  • #api #csv Add “aoi_visit_total_count” and “aoi_revisit_total_count” to “AOI Fixations Stats per participant” CSV.
  • #fix – don’t show ignored panelists on recording list
  • #ux – fix translations for Chinese (and others minor)
  • #ux – add global loader bar (like Prolific
  • #ux – set time-to as max-time foe heatmap analysis
  • #ui Link to our new blog page
  • #ui Change ‘view’ to ‘exposure’ number on heatmap analyzer
  • #fix Check if video is paused before setting its current time.
  • #performance Speed up “AOI Fixations Overall Stats per participant” CSV.
  • #performance Improve overall performance where database is accessed.
  • #performance Improve performance of reading study stimuli, and stimuli AIOs.
  • #performance Improve performance of “AOIs Overall Stats” CSV.
  • #fix – time slider fo “files” studies
  • #ui Show Stimulus ID when mouse over thumbnail.
  • #ui Rename “item” to “stimulus” on participant quality stats page.
  • #csv “Keyboard and mouse overall per participant” export supports itemLimit and itemOffset.
  • #performance Make “Keyboard and Mouse Overall Per Participant CSV” more reliable for big studies.
  • #ui #fix “You’re not meeting all the criteria”.

Eye-tracking for Mockups

February 3, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce new feature Website Mockup available withing all licenses in

RealEye 12.0 Release Notes

January 31, 2023

New Features:

Various improvements and bug fixes:

  • #feature – show the number of fixation on recordings
  • #fix – tags import (empty + duplicates)
  • #fix – LP with test demo link for mobile
  • #fix – don’t allow external tools for lower licenses
  • #fix – show all AOIs on AOI preview (study dashboard)
  • #fix – Demo should start in selected language
  • #fix – logotype on iframe player has correct A/R
  • #fix – take all the params from URL to prepare the analytics dashboard
  • #fix – sliding through video will show a preview of beginning or end of selector
  • #fix – video player, after showing images have to reset it’s height for playing the video (fixation plot)
  • #fix Emotion chart now aggregates data properly.
  • #fix Fix Gazes CSV download with noiseReductionLevel specified.
  • #ux – show gaze plot behind the fixation plot (fixations are more valuable(?))
  • #performance Improve memory usage for studies with a lot of survey responses.
  • #fix On aggregated data used to skip last participant division.
  • #ux – fix Japanese translations
  • #fix Fix Overall AOI Stats export caused by invalid fixations order.
  • #feature – increase panelists price
  • #ui – update team page
  • #fix Handle HTML5 Video player reporting timestamp in invalid order.
  • #ui hide gazeplot by default
  • #feature last survey for REALEYE_PANESLITS
  • #feature: add viewMap and fogView to heatmaps panel
  • #feature #dev add data loader to heatmaps dashboards
  • #ux – lower down gazeThreshold for smartphone
  • #fix Fix recording page.
  • #fix Fix preview page.
  • #fix heatmap opacity for fixations
  • #lower minimum AOI size
  • #feature – keep group ID for dispatching studies from URL (fielding with Prolific)
  • #feature – the ability to skip instructions using a reio-skip-instructions flag
  • #performance Cache K-Factor and Facial Coding data.
  • #ui Heatmaps have mouse cursor and clicks hidden by default.
  • #ui Minor labels improvements.
  • #fix Fix Heatmap not selecting Participant given in URL.
  • #feature – add Finnish translation
  • #feature – copy AOI Data to clapboard
  • #feature – copy metrics to clipboard
  • #ux – show panelist details in test preview
  • #fix Fix “Time to first gaze”.
  • #UX – languages: Kannada, Tamil
  • #ui Improve “BETA” mark for Voice Over feature.
  • #beta Open tested website with test parameters.
  • #ui Translation fix in fr and it.
  • #feature – ignore participants from csv
  • #feature – dedicated endpoint for ignoring many participants
  • #fix Show heatmap for selected participant.
  • Participant external data in “AOI Click count per participant” and “Survey Results” CSVs.
  • #ui Change stimulus default display duration to 10s (from 20s).
  • #ui Minor improvements for study enabled devices.

RealEye 11.0 Release Notes

September 9, 2022

RealEye version 11.0 provides even more reliable and precise eye-tracking metrics and K-factor values.

Please be aware that heatmaps, recordings, and AOI statistics in RealEye version 11.0, in many cases, are a bit different from the previous versions.

Please read RealEye’s version 11.0 Fixation Filter description for more information.
RealEye API version 2.3.0 (released with RealEye v11.0) Documentation. Please check the API Changelog.

New Features:

  • Introduce a “Maximum Fixation Duration (ms)” parameter for the Fixation Filter.
  • Introduce a “Maximum Saccade Duration (ms)” parameter. Allows adjusting the K-factor algorithm.
  • K-factor raw data export.
  • Support WEBP image format.

Major Changes:

  • Improve gaze velocity algorithm for (I-VT) Fixation Filter. Gaze velocity calculation is now more uniform. Velocity value is normalized by screen diagonal, which makes this parameter independent of participant resources.
  • Improve eye-tracking samples denoising by applying a Time of Interest (TOI) in the moving median algorithm. Moving median algorithm formerly used fixed median range. The new solution that takes the median range based on time of interest is more resilient to various edge case scenarios, for example, partly missing data or different sampling rates.
  • Improved default settings of the Fixation Filter.
  • #api New filtration parameters (maxFixationDurationMs and maxSaccadeDurationMs).
  • #performance Eye-tracking samples are no longer interpolated up to 60 Hz but up to 30 Hz.
  • Eye-tracking samples are denoised first and then interpolated.
  • New Participant Quality Stats algorithm (version 9). Gaze is considered to be “on screen” for gazes up to 5% “off the screen”.
  • User interface and experience improvements:
  • Add time selector inputs for the Analytics dashboard.
  • Add the Albanian language for the test.
  • Add the Hindi language for the test.
  • Add the Vietnamese language for the test.
  • Add the Tagalog language for the test.
  • #ui Add information about K and Smartphones to LP (Landing Page).
  • #ui Change “7-days free license” -> “7-day free license”.
  • Increase the limit of video files to 500 MB for replacing the videos.
  • #ui Change translation to fit UI.
  • #ui Heatmap correction by 1% instead of 30px.
  • #translate “OK” in generating the steps

Various improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fix moving median algorithm (denoising). The old version was overriding raw data while performing filtration, which compromised the processing results.
  • Improve automated tests for Fixation Filter (and related components).
  • #fix Fix seach study by name & ID
  • #csv #api #performance Stream all CSV files.
  • #fix Increase bottom margin for the player bar to show horizontal slider when zooming on heatmaps dashboard.
  • #fix Company discount was not calculated properly.
  • #performance Cache saccades.
  • #ui #heatmap Don’t show empty sections below “Noise reduction window” when “From Gazes”.
  • #fix Fix contact form.
  • #fix Fix Start –> “Começar” in PT.

RealEye 10.1 – 10.13 Release Notes

July 31, 2022

New Features:

  • Stimuli grouping with pinning and randomization.
  • WYSIWYG editor for study instructions.
  • Mean Attention K.
  • Star a Study.
  • Replace image/video of existing stimulus.
  • Data Chart with saccades.
  • Clone study stimulus.
  • #api Set study participant and panelist count.
  • #api Finish study.
  • #api Provide Study “participationLinks”.
  • #api Endpoint to delete Study and delete Item.

Major Changes:

  • CSV export on Heatmap page applies all selected filters (e.g. age, gender, tags)
  • #api #csv AOI Overall Stats can provide data for limited count of Items when using `itemsOffset` and `itemsLimit` GET parameters.
  • #api #csv AOI Overall Stats can provide data for limited count of AOIs when using `aoisOffset` and `aoisLimit` GET parameters.
  • Improve 3DSecure payments.
  • Disallow Study modification when RealEye Panelists are providing results.
  • #api Specify stimulus CDN URL via test link parameter.

User interface and experience improvements:

  • Minor UI improvements for license usage bar.
  • Show License “active from / till”.
  • user can select entire image as trigger with single click
  • Show license related dates in UTC timezone.
  • Improve error message when study could not be cloned.
  • Improve error message when could not compute AOI stats.
  • Add “Traditional Chinese” translation.
  • Translate test page title.
  • Sort links for all languages.
  • Requested longer question/answer limit in survey module.
  • Improved BR translations.
  • #ui “Set Participants” shows actual participant and panelist number.
  • Add Romanian translation.
  • Reset aoi selector if time range is changed.
  • Add max saccade duration ui slider.

Various improvements and bug fixes:

  • Profile form was not storing information about account for non-whitelabel users.
  • Changing participants limits when external URLs are enabled caused error 500.
  • Fix computing AOI stats for saved AOI when changing its time range.
  • Make sure we’re storing the data from a video stream.
  • AOI save returns error (when AOI was not changed, just saved).
  • Fixation Plot player on mobile videos.
  • JS error (setInterval was not cleared).
  • Optimize how instructions are being displayed if they are longer (scroll).
  • Prevent WYSIWYG editor from saving empty string.
  • Redirect to quota-full (if set), if the study is filled.
  • Automatically create new license for Subscription new billing cycle.
  • Show 400 error page with info when study runs with invalid item filename.
  • Don’t scale UP images (by width).
  • Try to correct AOIs when cloning a study.
  • Stream AOI Overall Stats CSV so download starts as soon as first data is available.
  • #fix – don’t export ignored participants data.
  • Don’t include ignored participants in Survey exports.
  • #ui Show actual Participant Quality Stats algorithm version – not the latest one.
  • #fix fantom clicks
  • #et Gaze max duration changed from 16 to 33 ms (as for 30 FPS webcam).
  • #fix – don’t take deleted items into account when generating testFlow from URL
  • #ui Fix Participant Log missing translation.
  • #fix Fix FireFox webcam access issue.
  • #fix Fix total usable participant count (don’t count non-checked RE panelists).
  • #fix Fix sending email about RealEye Panelists results collected.
  • #fix – when canceling transcoding cloned video – it disappears
  • #security Check blog URL `page` is an integer.
  • #security Require all routes `{studyId}` to be an UUIDv4.
  • #security Require all routes `{itemId}` to be an UUIDv4.
  • #security Require all routes `{participantId}` to be an UUIDv4.
  • #dev Upgrade to Symfony 5.4 (LTS).
  • #fix for drag&drop groups
  • #fix: removing transparent background from PNG images and replace with #ffffff
  • Remove affiliate page.
  • #fix heatmaps dashboard: left slider will work after the content is resized
  • #fix allow purchasing own participants with a step of 5 (min. 5)
  • #fix Subscription license valid until end of last day.
  • #fix #ui Show properly “Team collaboration” is available or not.
  • Update stats on changed not on changing.
  • #fix Subscription based license valid for one day longer so Braintree can charge for the next billing cycle.
  • #fix: Cloning a study is not copying stimuliFlow
  • Revoke white label feature when subscription expired.
  • Hosted session waits for audio and video stream to start.
  • #fix: Don’t load stimuliFlow module when videos are still being transcoded (UI is blocked)
  • Hosted session works with white-label enabled.
  • #fix: website heatmaps can be zoom in / out.
  • #fix: player is loading video when opened in a new tab.
  • Increase video max file size to 500 MB.

RealEye pricing is now updated

July 19, 2022

RealEye is committed to providing you with the quality you expect and deserve. We’ve found a way to minimize the price increase while keeping the continuous development of the tool to increase the quality of our service. Here’s the new pricing model:

  • Basic: $249/month; $2490/year;
  • Standard: $600/month; $6000/year;
  • Student: $29/month; $290/year;
  • University: $420/month; $4200/year;
  • $1.2/each – additional own participant;
  • $10/each – additional RealEye participant;

We appreciate your continued support through this time of growth and change. If you have any further questions regarding the new pricing, please feel free to contact us. Our team is always happy to discuss this situation with you.

– RealEye Team

RealEye 10.0 Release Notes

April 10, 2022

RealEye 10.0 Release Notes:

  • run studies on smartphones
  • UX/UI improvements
  • minor bug fixes