Eye-Tracking For Websites

See exactly what your users see.
Identify opportunities for improvement.

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20 panel testers included

Network of 20,000+ panel testers available now
You can also invite unlimited amount of your own testers for free.

Get actionable analysis within 8 hours or less

The astonishing power of eye-tracking technology without the high cost!

Test your projects

with testers real eyes
and increase your conversions.

Analyze heatmaps

instantly after each test
and see what the user actually saw.

Leverage your offer

with eye-tracking solutions,
also white labeled if needed.


1 project = single website URL or image, tested by 20 panel testers.

1 Project

12 months to use

test 1 website URL or image

tested by 20 panel testers

invite unlimited guest testers

10 Projects

12 months to use

test 10 website URLs or images

each tested by 20 panel testers

invite unilimited guest testers

set white-labeled dashboard

100 Projects

12 months to use

test 100 website URLs or images

each tested by 20 panel testers

invite unlimited guest testers

set white-labeled dashboard

get dedicated account manager

Money back guarantee! If you are not satisfied with the results, we will refund your money.

See exactly what users see

Use advantage of eye-tracking for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn 3 easy steps to successful analysis:

Add projects

You can add image files and website URLs. You can add up to 20 projects into single analysis.

Run analysis

Get results from 20 testers within 8 hours. You can also invite your own testers with no additional fee.

Get Heatmaps

Gain access to shareable dashboard with results presented on playable heatmaps.

Eye-tracking is a innovative methodthat allows you to track users' eye movements.
HD Camera is watching tester while he's performing test and by tracking his face our software can detect position of testers eyes.
The precess begins with calibration, where our system is learning how tester's eyes look like when he's watching certain parts of the screen. After successful calibration we start measuring eye position while displaying stimuli (your project or website).

You can read more about eye-tracking studies on Wikipedia.

RealEye studies are proven to be around 64px (~1 cm) accurate with an average error on visual angle of 4.17 deg.
This precision allows to analyze users interaction on website with precision reaching size of single button.
We have network of testers from all around the world. Randomly picked users will be assigned to your task.
We will not show them your website before the test starts so they interaction will be natural. Don't worry, we don't do laboratory tests in corrupted environment
Yes, you can always invite your own testers or hire more RealEye testers for $1 each.
Yet, according to our studies, you can find up to 90% of usability issues within 15 testers.
Yes, you will get direct URL to you results page and you can easily share it with other people.

Feel free to ask us more questions: contact@realeye.io