Shopper Research - Insightful Consumer Analysis

Shopper research is a study of consumer behavior and decision-making processes in a retail environment. It involves analyzing how shoppers navigate through the stores (offline & online), interact with products, and make choices (customer journey). Shopper researchers aims to gain insights that businesses can leverage to optimize product placement and tailor marketing strategies to meet consumer preferences. The bottom line is that the success of a product is rarely only an effect of product quality and shopper research helps brands understand how other factors influence the chances of success.

RealEye can gauge potential customer responses to your products using advanced eye-tracking technology. Whether your product is featured in an online display, introduced as a new concept, or placed in a virtual shelf setting, RealEye facilitates insightful analysis through eye-tracking. You can:

  • replay recordings to see where they scroll and click and what they pay attention to,
  • what did they see or ignore when looking at the area and how long were they focused on certain elements,
  • learn which design variants they prefer, 
  • moderate the sessions to give them guides “on the go”

Depending on the environment and hypothesis, you can build your study and create a fully-remote test based on:

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Insightful consumer analysis

Planogram Testing

Eye-tracking in planogram testing presents a quantitative approach to gauging shopper engagement, using mediums like images, videos, physical mockups, or virtual shelves.
This method not only tracks behavioral metrics such as time to notice and time to click but can also be complemented with a declarative survey for an additional layer of insight.
This combination of observational data and direct customer feedback offers a comprehensive view, enabling retailers to refine product placement and display design with a focus on enhancing the overall customer experience and interaction.
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product concept testing

Product Concept & Packaging

This feature facilitates the testing of product concepts and packaging through eye-tracking technology, providing an aggregated heatmap to illustrate consumer focus areas over time.
Additionally, it can be enriched with declarative surveys for deeper understanding of consumer preferences and perceptions. This tool is also an effective complement to planogram testing, offering a comprehensive approach to visual impact analysis and design optimization.
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e-commerce testing

Online Shopping Experience

Analyze user visual interactions on e-commerce websites , utilizing a blend of eye-tracking, click tracking, and session recordings.
By monitoring where users look, what they click on, and how they navigate through the site or app, you can gain valuable insights into website design effectiveness, optimal product placement, and the overall digital shopping experience. This comprehensive approach helps in understanding user behavior in detail, enabling enhancements in user interface design and strategic product positioning for an improved digital consumer journey
Learn more about testing Websites
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see what people pay attention to

In-Store Effectiveness

Evaluate the effectiveness of Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays, Endcap Displays, Shelf Talkers, and Digital Signage with video recordings presented to the study participants.
Use RealEye to generate detailed heatmaps and analyzes metrics like 'time to notice' or 'average time spent', providing insights into which elements instantly attract attention, retain interest, and which ones are typically ignored by customers. This comprehensive analysis aids in optimizing in-store display strategies for maximum engagement.

You can also connect with any survey tool or panel

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Features for Shopper Research:

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    Online eye-tracking
    Webcam online eye tracking is an innovative method that predicts a human eye gaze point using only webcams as data collectors. Read more about this feature...
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    Mouse /Key tracking
    Learn when and what the participants are clicking. RealEye can also register keypress events, which may help you gather information about reaction times.  Read more about this...
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    Analysis Dashboard
    It is divided into three main sections, which are crucial while running any research: setting up the study, fielding study with the data, and last but not least, data analysis. Read more about this feature...
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    Online Surveys
    Choose from various questions and build surveys that will enable you to collect and analyze the data on an individual and aggregated level.  Read more about this feature...

"It’s been a pleasure working with RealEye. Their customer service is prompt, valuable, and always friendly. The quick turnarounds on custom development requests are the most impressive. The RealEye team delivers great tailored solutions. Thank you for being a wonderful partner!"

Sam Albert
Chief Digital Officer

"I'm really impressed with what Adam has created with RealEye. It's astounding how easy and fast it is to track and report on eye movement for a page or design."

David Darmanin

"Webcam-based eye-tracking has vast potential within market research and RealEye made a great effort customizing their solutions to our needs. We succeeded in having live online interviews with eye-tracking included and we look forward to build on this pilot study to take further advantage of this solution in future research."

Stefan Papadakis
Insight Consultant, IPSOS

Frequently Asked Questions

How RealEye may help in shopper research?

RealEye technology records the movement of a person's eyes as they interact with different elements on a webpage or in a physical store (physical store video, virtual store o virtual shelf, planogram etc.). The platform is also capable of mouse and click tracking. Thanks to RealEye you can gather behavioral insights from testers that you invite - ex. how fast they spot certain products or areas of interest, how long they fixate there, do they click, how fast. You may analyze heatmaps as well as gaze or fixation plots discovering how they interact with a given stimuli. RealEye allows you to analyze and understand where shoppers focus their attention, how long they engage with specific products, and the path they take while browsing.

What types of shopper research can be conducted using RealEye?

RealEye supports a variety of shopper research studies, including but not limited to product placement optimization, package design evaluation, shelf arrangement analysis, overall store layout assessments or in-store navigation studies.

Can RealEye be used for both online and offline shopper research?

Yes, RealEye can be employed for both online (ecommerce, Amazon etc.) and offline shopper research (virtual shelf testing, planograms, virtual stores, videos from the stores etc.).

How accurate is RealEye eye-tracking data?

The accuracy is ~ 110 pixels for an individual panelists (this is a button size accuracy). In most shopper studies agencies invite 80-120+ panelists so the accuracy of heatmaps and statistics provided is much better than from indivudual tester.
This is because the errors have different vectors which, when added, show a result that is very close to reality.
To read more about accuracy see our whitepaper:

Is RealEye GDPR compliant and how is user privacy ensured?

Yes, we take user privacy seriously at RealEye and that is why RealEye is GDPR compliant. To ensure compliance, RealEye does not store or record any videos of the panelists. We take security measures, anonymize personally identifiable information, and provide users with control over their data.
We have regular audits of our technology too.

Is it possible to conduct A/B testing for shopper research with RealEye?

Yes. RealEye has been designed and is developed in such a way to enable researchers to do A/B testing.
This includes ex. randomizations, showing one stimuli out of many, allowing the researcher to decide which stimuli/questions to show to a given panelists etc.

What level of support and training does RealEye offer?

Level of support and training depends on the license that you have or plan to buy.
Ex. If you have Standard license, we'll answer your questions on the chat, through email, as well as, during an optional monthly call.
That said, please bear in mind that we're not a market research agency and we'll help you with the platform and setting up the study, but the methodology and hypothesis for testing are on you.
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