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About RealEye

RealEye.io is an online research platform that uses webcam eye-tracking to measure how people perceive visual stimuli, such as images, videos, or websites. It allows researchers to create studies, track participants remotely, and analyze the data instantly - all in their web browser.RealEye.io is the solution for conducting eye-tracking and neuromarketing research and data analysis. It helps researchers save time on programming and speed up the analysis. It also provides features such as emotion recognition, mouse movements, clicks and keystrokes tracking, multilingual instructions, and panelists provided by RealEye

Who writes for us?

A guest post for Realeye.io could be written by scientists, marketing proffesionals, researchers etc. anyone who has experience or interest in market research and marketing.
For example, a guest post could be written by:
- A researcher who has conducted a study with Realeye.io and wants to share their findings and insights.
- A SaaS marketer who has used Realeye.io to optimize their landing pages, banners, or social media posts and wants to showcase their results and best practices.
- A designer who has used Realeye.io to evaluate their prototypes, mockups, or logos and wants to demonstrate how eye-tracking helped them improve their designs.

For whom we write?

We may write articles on:
- UX/website testing
- ad testing
- market research
- general marketing topics
- retail

What We’re Looking For?

1. Possibility to publish uniqe content valuable to our audience.
2. Possibility to publish our uniqe and vaulable content on other websites.

What we do not accept?

1. Content generated by Chat GPT
2. Duplicated content
3. Intrusive and inappropriate links (we're OK, with  max 2 dofollow links if they make sense)

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"Webcam-based eye-tracking has vast potential within market research and RealEye made a great effort customizing their solutions to our needs. We succeeded in having live online interviews with eye-tracking included and we look forward to build on this pilot study to take further advantage of this solution in future research."

Stefan Papadakis
Insight Consultant, IPSOS

"I'm really impressed with what Adam has created with RealEye. It's astounding how easy and fast it is to track and report on eye movement for a page or design."

David Darmanin
CEO, hotjar.com

"With RealEye, we found users weren't noticing key parts of our value proposition, that we couldn't have discovered with screen recordings or heatmaps. This service is invaluable and even better.....affordable."

Lewis Healey
UX Designer, firebox.com

"“I work on usability testing projects on a regular basis and I’m so glad that we have found RealEye! I have thoroughly enjoyed the impeccable customer service that Adam’s team has provided. They are friendly, accommodating, and responsive to our questions and concerns. The product serves our needs well and it’s constantly improving. It really makes remote testing possible and convenient"

Becca Xu
Senior UX researcher
mid-sized global consulting company based in the U.S.

"RealEye has created a tool that allows us to quickly and easily choose the most effective display or OOH formats."

Lucas Koldys
Analytics & Insights
Deputy Director, WaveMaker
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