Game On: RealEye at ETRA 2024

Martyna Pietrzak
June 7, 2024

RealEye enthusiastically participated in the 2024 ACM Symposium on Eye Tracking Research & Applications (ETRA) that was held in Glasgow, UK from June 4 to June 7, 2024.

ETRA's aim was to bring together researchers and practitioners from across fields with the common goal of continuing to move eye tracking research forward. RealEye, proud to sponsor this event, engaged with many professionals and demonstrated the capabilities of the webcam-based eye-tracking technology.

RealEye's stand at ETRA 2024, featuring co-founders Damian Sromek and Adam Cellary

Inspiring Encounters and Recognition

During ETRA 2024, RealEye connected with professionals across diverse sectors who appreciated the potential of webcam-based eye tracking. Our technology resonated particularly well with attendees eager to explore its accessibility and accuracy. For example, healthcare professionals were interested in using RealEye for patient interaction studies, while fashion designers saw its potential in improving design ergonomics and consumer preference analysis. Market researchers also recognized its value in understanding consumer behavior through gaze analysis in online ads. These discussions highlighted RealEye's versatility and real-world applicability, reinforcing its role in advancing research and decision-making processes across industries.

Additionally, we had the pleasure of reconnecting with long-term friends, colleagues and clients, whose ongoing support and feedback continue to drive our innovation in eye-tracking technology.

Dinner Dialogue: discussing eye-tracking with Experts, Researchers and Practitioners

Research Impact

A pivotal moment for RealEye at ETRA 2024 was the presentation of the research poster titled Usability of Responsible Gambling Information on Gambling Operator’ Websites: A Webcam-Based Eye Tracking Study. This study, led by Ruijie Wang and a team from Bournemouth University and Bath Spa University, showed how RealEye's technology can provide valuable insights into user behavior. Meeting Ruijie Wang in person was a privilege, deepening our appreciation for collaborative research opportunities. We conducted a short interview with Ruijie that can be found in the link here.

Adam Cellary and Ruijie Wang during Poster Session presenting RealEye in action

Experience RealEye: Hunt the Dots Game

The interactive and popular Hunt the Dots with RealEye game was a definite highlight at ETRA 2024, combining enjoyment with educational insights. Designed to demonstrate our webcam eye-tracking capabilities, the game served as a tech demo for our future ML-based system. Participants had the opportunity to explore firsthand the intuitive features of our technology, leading to lively discussions and a deeper understanding of its potential applications.

By adding a bit of competition to the game, we saw people start talking about RealEye and encouraging each other to dive into the fun and learn more about webcam eye-tracking. This interactive approach not only enhanced engagement but also facilitated knowledge sharing among attendees. We were excited to award Patriza and Kasra with a 3-month University License for their top-notch performance.

Patrizia had the fastest eyes in Hunt the Dots with RealEye game!

Panel Discussion on Diversity and Inclusion

RealEye was honored to participate in the "Diversity and Inclusion in Eye-Tracking Applications" panel discussion alongside distinguished experts such as:

  • Dr. Leanne Chukoskie - Associate Professor of Physical Therapy, Human Movement, and Rehabilitation Sciences, Northeastern University, USA
  • Dr. Alex Qiang Chen - Assistant Professor of Infocomm Technology, Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore
  • Dr. Michael Proulx - Research Scientist at Meta Reality Labs, Associate Professor in Psychology, University of Bath, UK.

As the Co-founder & CEO of RealEye, Adam brought valuable insights from a neuromarketing standpoint, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity in technological advancements. His contributions underscored RealEye's commitment to fostering diversity within the field of eye-tracking technology, reflecting our dedication to ethical and inclusive innovation.

"Diversity and Inclusion in Eye-Tracking Applications" panel discussion: Adam Cellary, Dr. Leanne Chukoskie, Dr. Alex Qiang Chen, Dr. Michael Proulx

Warm Hospitality in Glasgow

We had an amazing reception at Glasgow's City Chambers hosted by Glasgow's Lord Provost, where we were greeted by two of Glasgow's most distinguished representatives: Bailie Norman MacLeod, representing Glasgow's Lord Provost, and Andrew Macfarlane, who is Glasgow's Lord Dean of Guild of Merchants. We also had a lovely dinner in Glasgow's Old Fruitmarket, where a ceilidh band played Scottish music. The warm hospitality of the organizers made our stay in Glasgow truly memorable and enriched our experience at the conference.

ETRA 2024 participants visiting the Glasgow's City Chambers & Glasgow's Old Fruitmarket

Looking Forward

ETRA 2024 was a mix of inspiration, valuable insights, and thoughtful discussions. We deeply appreciate the support received and the opportunity to show our technology to those discovering and exploring the accuracy and potential of webcam eye tracking. Reflecting on our experience at ETRA 2024, RealEye is is more committed than ever to advancing eye-tracking technology. We are excited to implement the feedback we received, continue fostering diversity and inclusion in our field, and drive innovation to new heights. We look forward to future collaborations and breakthroughs that will further enhance the capabilities of our technology. Thank you for being with us!

For more information about RealEye and our solutions, visit RealEye Official Website.

RealEye x ETRA 2024

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