RealEye Study Statistics & Tools

Adam Cellary
April 23, 2024

The video introduces significant updates to a data analysis tool with a new feature called "Statistics and Tools." This upgrade, no longer in beta, enhances the ability to analyze study participants statistics.

  • Quality Stats Tab:
    • Displays average eye-tracking data quality based on all participants.
    • Allows viewing of individual panelist data, including reasons for their quality grading.
  • Support and Explanation:
    • A support page available for deeper understanding of quality statistics.
    • Overall statistics show eye-tracking data available for every item, perfect sampling rates, and gaze mostly at the screen.
    • Participants graded based on the percentage of time gaze remains on the screen, with thresholds for different quality brackets.
  • Individual Panelist Details:
    • Shows detailed quality statistics for each stimulus exposure.
    • Full logs available for individual participants, detailing every activity from test start to data storage.
  • Participants Drop Rate Screen:
    • Overview of participants' engagement, showing steps from opening the test link to test completion.
    • Individual test level data showing timeline of participant actions.
  • Study Tools Tab (Beta Users Only):
    • Offers additional tools like re-matching RMS, recomputing eye tracking samples, and recalculating quality stats.

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