See The Invisible

Use Webcam EyeTracker to instantly discover what people see.

Instant eye-tracking recordings & heatmaps

Eye-tracking used to cost thousands of dollars and required special hardware tied to labs.

We introduce advanced eye-tracking algorithms that allow you to track what people see within ~100px (that's size of a button!) using only a regular webcam.

$59 for 40 eye-tracking tests, we provide 20 testers

Network of 60.000+ our testers available. We deliver 20 results within 8 hours. You may opt-out from using them.

Invite your own 20 testers (friends, coworkers) using special URL. All they need is a webcam.

Get results immediately after tester finishes the test!

3 steps to get the results:

1. Upload

Just drag&drop your image, any PNG / JPG file will do

2. Test

Invite own and use our testers to collect eye-tracking results

3. Analyze

Instantly find out what they saw on heatmaps & gaze point recordings


The fast & visual way to discover what people see

Web Design

Check if the right elements on a page are attracting attention even before launching a new website or a landing page

A/B Testing

Use eye-tracker to discover which image or advertisement will grab more attention. Behavioral A/B testing was never easier!


Easily test your hypothesis with eye-tracking. You can test any image so use your imagination to create outstanding experiment

David Darmanin

"I'm really impressed with what Adam has created with RealEye. It's astounding how easy and fast it is to track and report on eye movement for a page or design."

Lewis Healey
UX Designer,

"With RealEye, we found users weren't noticing key parts of our value proposition, that we couldn't have discovered with screen recordings or heatmaps. This service is invaluable and even better.....affordable."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eye-tracking is an innovative method that allows you to track users' eye movements.
HD webcam is watching tester while performing test and by face-tracking algorithms our software can detect position of eyes.
The whole process begins with calibration, where our system is learning how tester's eyes look like while watching certain parts of the screen. After successful calibration we start measuring eye position while displaying stimuli (your item).

You can read more about eye-tracking here.
RealEye studies are proven to be around 100px (~1.5 cm) accurate with an average error on visual angle of 4.17 deg. This allows to analyze users interaction on website with precision reaching size of single button.
Either your own testers or our tester. You can invite your own users or panel and share the study with them using single URL. All they need to have is a laptop/PC with webcam. We also have network of testers from all around the world. Randomly picked users can be assigned to your task. We will not show them your website before the test starts so they interaction will be natural. Don't worry, we don't do laboratory tests in corrupted environment.
You can choose between 5-30 seconds. Usually the longer the image - the longer the session should be. It also depends on what kind of research you're planning tu run. If it's a simple A/B test, then having eye-tracking data from the first several seconds is the most valuable.

The astonishing power of eye-tracking technology without the high cost

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