Smartphone Eye-Tracking: Analyzing Mobile User Behavior Now Available on RealEye

While most internet users consume content on their mobile devices, traditional methods of measuring their interaction fail to capture the nuances of mobile browsing behavior. But did you know that you can use an eye tracker directly on a smartphone? All you need is a mobile with a front-facing camera and eager subjects willing to be a part of the fascinating gaze experiment. 

Just a few years ago, most web content was designed horizontally to fit massive computer screens. Creators were told to "record videos horizontally because it's hard to watch vertical video on a monitor screen... and it just looks ugly." Luckily, those times are far behind us! A huge part of our online activities is mobile, so the vertical content is the king now.

According to the „Digital 2024 Global Overview report”, which annually presents statistics on internet use, 96.5% of internet users use it on smartphones. Only 61.8% use computers. Another fun fact: we spend about 6 hours and 40 minutes online daily! That makes the internet a place where we spend 1/4 of our day!

To gain better insights into customers' behavior online, it is essential to pay close attention to the type of content they consume. Currently, the social media on which we spend the most time (an average of 34 hours per month) is TikTok, the king of smartphones and vertical content.

What does it tell us? People love scrolling on their mobiles, and the algorithms prompt them even more to watch content matched with their tastes and mobile devices. So now, your main goal is to provide the best user experience for your customers and prepare your website (or other digital product) for the mobile era!

Why Do You Need a Smartphone Eye Tracker?

Let's be honest: crafting content for your business demands significant dedication of your time, energy, and resources, all in pursuit of something you and your friends appreciate. However, the crucial question is: does your target audience share the same enthusiasm? Consider this a gentle nudge to ensure that your investments resonate with your customers' preferences before diving in headfirst. Better safe than sorry!

Eye-tracking is a great tool for research, whether for business purposes or scientific exploration. Equipped with such tracker, you can observe customers' gaze and their responses to your videos, advertisements, website layout, UX design, and more.

How to Track Users’ Gaze on Mobiles?

The main task of eye-tracking in smartphones is to predict a persons’ gaze point. This technology uses a selfie camera on your subjects’ mobile and tracks their eye movements. This is all happening thanks to advanced tracking technology, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep neural networks, which examine the captured images. There's no need to worry about your clients' privacy because we don't store any photos or sounds on our servers. We only keep the AI's predictions as basic text data similar to "Timestamp: 10, Gaze Point X: 200, Gaze Point Y: 330". 

Smartphone eye-tracking by Real Eye works on any mobile device with Android and IOS. You don’t need any extra eye-tracking software to use it; all you’ll need is our website. 

How to Start with RealEyes’ Mobile Eye Tracker?

If you want to check if eye-tracking is what you’re looking for, start from a 7-days free trial of RealEye eyetracker period that requires only registration but no credit card number. You can create free account here:

If you need some help, we'll set a one-hour online meeting for you and your team. During this call, we will guide you through calibration and the process of running different types of eye-tracking studies to explore the RealE|ye’s capabilities. To make the most of our session, please prepare your questions earlier. Thanks to this, we will focus on the issues that interest you and prepare eye-tracking studies according to your needs.

Eye Tracker for Mobile Devices - When to Use It?

In many market and scientific areas, tracking your customers (or subjects) eye movement could be essential. Here is the shortlist that may catch your eye:

UX Testing: Making sure your online product is user-friendly means checking where users' eyes are wandering with UX testing – it's like peeking into their digital minds for better design decisions. Before launching any website, landing page, etc., conduct proper eye-tracking research and check if the product works well on smartphones. The next step is to analyze heat maps and decide what gaze patterns are the most profitable.

Shopper research: This study is all about getting to know your customers and how they use their mobiles. It'll help you understand how they behave and make decisions during online shopping. So, if you need an advanced eye-tracking technology that can provide many valuable insights, RealEye is a great tool for you. 

Advertisement research: You've created several mobile ads for your brand, and you are ready for some A/B testing? Let us help. Thanks to machine learning algorithms, RealEye can measure the viewers' fixation duration and eye position. This will easily allow you to track which ad catches users' gaze and determine how to spend your marketing budget most suitably. 

Non-commercial research: We understand that your use cases may depend on your research. With eye-tracking technologies like RealEye, you can test any hypothesis, measure your subjects' eye movements, and easily analyze the results. All you need is a smartphone with Android or IOS and a front-facing camera.

As you can see, using a RealEye for mobile to track your customers' gaze is a great way to understand their needs. Doing this allows you to conduct usability tests of your digital products, uncover practical data on user attention, and discover which areas attract their eyes the most. 


Are you ready to try? Start 7-days free trial here:

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"Webcam-based eye-tracking has vast potential within market research and RealEye made a great effort customizing their solutions to our needs. We succeeded in having live online interviews with eye-tracking included and we look forward to build on this pilot study to take further advantage of this solution in future research."

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Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are the eye-tracking results?

RealEye studies are proven to be around 110 px accurate. This allows analyzing users interaction on a website with precision reaching the size of a single button.We predict the gaze point with frequency up to 60 Hz.For in-depth analysis of webcam eye-tracking accuracy check the following articles:

Who can participate in my study?

Either your own or RealEye participants. You can invite your users or panel and share the study with them using a participation link. All they need to have is a laptop/PC with a webcam.We also have a network of panelists from all over the world - mainly from the UK and the US. Randomly picked users can be assigned to your task. They are called RealEye participants. We will not show them your stimuli before the test starts, so their interaction will be natural.

Note: RealEye participants can't take part in a 'Live Website' studies and studies longer than 10 minutes. Read more about the limitations here.

Can I pay per study?

There are only monthly payments, so there’s no possibility to pay per study. But keep in mind that you can cancel your license any time (even in the same month) - you’ll keep the account access until the end of the billing period (30 days from the last payment).

Can I integrate RealEye with other tools?

You can easily integrate the RealEye tool with external tools (eg. surveys), but also compare the results obtained from other tools using our CSV file (i.e. by the timestamp).
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