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RealEye is an online research platform with webcam eye tracking software. It uses the computing power of a regular PC/laptop to run AI that analyze images coming from a webcam to track eye movement. You don’t need any additional eye tracking device or hardware, or even download an app. 

RealEye free trial

Try out RealEye Webcam Eye Tracker for Free, with our 7-day trial! 

See for yourself how one of the best free eye tracking software works. Start with a demo available on our website. Then go to our trial, which allows you to experiment successfully. Conduct full scale market research using human behavior analysis, map interaction and evaluate results in real-time. 

How to start a trial?
All you need to do to access the platform is to create an account, what takes about 2 minutes. Just click Sign Up button and we will take you from there! There is no need to add a credit card to set up a trial account.

What do you get with the free trial?

  • Trial lasts for 7 days- Access to study creator
  • Access to collecting webcam eye-tracking results (assuming that the ET survey for one panelist does not exceed 20 sec.)
  • Access to results analysis
  • Option of inviting 5 people to the study max (5 people can take part in the study and leave results)
  • One person access to trial account
  • No need to add a credit card to set up a trial account.

To get a better overview, compare free trial to paid licenses for our software.

How about a Free License with higher limits?

Study Countup to 5Unlimited study countUnlimited study countUnlimited study count
Limit of panelists5 own panelists20 own participants300 own participantsUnlimitted
Eye-tracking limit / panelist20 sec3 min10 min60 min
length7 daysmin. 1-monthmin. 1-monthCustom license period
API (data export & study creation)---Yes
Eye-tracking ModuleYesYesYesyes
works with smartphones--YesYes
Facial Coding ModuleYesYesYesYes
Surveys ModuleyesYesYesYes
External tool integration (eg. survey)--YesYes
RealEye panelistsYesYesYesYes
Online analytics dashboardOnline analytics dashboardOnline analytics dashboardOnline analytics dashboard
Embedding the resultsEmbedding the results
Data export--Data exportData export
Team collaboration--YesYes
SupportchatchatPriority SupportPriority Support
Training--1h trainingcustom training
Smartphone as an additional eye-tracke---Yesr

You can extend your license for free RealEye software, by making a case study with us!
Are you running an agency wanting to start offering eye movement tracking studies, or one that wants to start doing webcam eye tracking? Let’s join forces! 
If you have already tried our software for free and were happy with webcam eye tracking technology we are offering, extend it for 2 months, by making a case study from the research you conducted with RealEye eye tracker. You can learn more about this offer on this page: https://www.realeye.io/lp/case-study

What you get:

  • RealEye license: 
    - 2 months
    - up to own 200 panelists,
    - up to 10 min studies
  • Our help with setting up the study and understanding the metrics.
  • Help in copywriting and graphic design.
  • Joint case study that you may use for sales purposes.

Rules to apply:

  • Only for new customers.
  • We will promote these case studies publicly.
  • No risk - if you fail, there is no cost attached

What you'll need to do?

  • Make a study using RealEye,
  • get a brand consent to publish the case study,
  • describe the results,
  • share them with us, so we may together create a case study.

Let's start by introducing your Case Study idea to one of our Team Members, choose a spot and book a meeting with us:

"It’s been a pleasure working with RealEye. Their customer service is prompt, valuable, and always friendly. The quick turnarounds on custom development requests are the most impressive. The RealEye team delivers great tailored solutions. Thank you for being a wonderful partner!"

Sam Albert
Chief Digital Officer

"I'm really impressed with what Adam has created with RealEye. It's astounding how easy and fast it is to track and report on eye movement for a page or design."

David Darmanin
CEO, hotjar.com

"Webcam-based eye-tracking has vast potential within market research and RealEye made a great effort customizing their solutions to our needs. We succeeded in having live online interviews with eye-tracking included and we look forward to build on this pilot study to take further advantage of this solution in future research."

Stefan Papadakis
Insight Consultant, IPSOS
Trusted by freelancers, small to big companies, students, and universities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is RealEye affordable eye tracker?

Yes. In most of the common use cases RealEye is much cheaper than:
- hardware eye trackers
- webcam eye tracking alternatives.

What is more, it allows for all three steps of creating an experiment: study creation, fielding the study (inviting participants), data analysis (and/or data export).

Check our comparison of RealEye with  

Do I need (to buy) anything else to conduct eye tracking expeiment?

To conduct an eye tracking experiment with RealEye, you don’t need to purchase any additional hardware or software. What you need are study participants.
You may use free option, so invite friends, collogues or family members or save time and hire a panel (they are often quick).
Your study participants need a device: laptop, PC, tabet or smartphone with a webcam.

What is the cost of the panelists (study participants)?

It may start from $1-2 per participant per 5 minute exercise and finish on amounts larger tan $500 per participant for longer study.
If you're targeting B2C customers, that are English speakers without specific geolocation nor representative distribution you should expect to in the lower part of the range and if you want to make research on B2B panelists from specific sector, age group etc. you should prepare yourself to pay premium to the recruitment agency

How much will I have to pay for study design?

Study creation is 100% free in RealEye and is intuitive. RealEye is DIY software, so you will prepare the study on your own.  It might happen that you need to adjust your stimuli and in that situation you might need to pay to your graphic designer to adjust the stimuli to your research needs.

Are there open source eye tracking tools?

There are, open source eye trackers and open source eye tracking software's.
In most cases they require coding skills or hardware to get up and running. As a result setting up the open source environment may take much more time than actually conducting an eye tracking experiment.

Among most know open source eye trackers are:
- PyGaze: an open-source toolbox for eye tracking in Python. It provides eye tracking functionality and related projects, including PyGaze Analyser and a webcam eye-tracker.
- openEyeTrack is a video-based eye tracker that utilizes OpenCV, a low-cost, high-speed infrared camera, and GigE-V APIs for Linux (provided by Teledyne DALSA). It also uses the graphical user interface toolkit QT5 and cvui (an OpenCV-based GUI).
- EyeLoop is a Python-based open-source eye tracker designed for various eye types, including rodent, human, and non-human primate eyes. It operates well on inexpensive consumer-grade hardware.

Feel free to try RealEye for free!
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