Building Authenticity in Market Research: Insights from Jake Pryszlak

Adam Cellary
June 20, 2024

In this interview, Adam from speaks with Jake Pryszlak, an acclaimed market researcher and speaker. The conversation covers Jake's career journey, beginning with his initial project involving research on disabled individuals, which highlighted the impact and importance of research. Jake shares his experiences working on both the agency and client sides, emphasizing the differences and similarities in workload and roles.

They discuss the importance of personal branding in market research, with Jake explaining how building his personal brand helped him stand out and create opportunities. He advises that authenticity is crucial and suggests that people should aim to be mentioned in conversations even when they're not present as a sign of a strong personal brand.

Adam and Jake also touch on the significance of personal branding for companies, particularly in the context of online research tools. Jake advocates for content created by individuals rather than companies, noting that personal stories and transparency resonate more with audiences.

The interview concludes with Jake offering advice to those starting in market research or building their personal brand: try everything, be authentic, and challenge the norm constructively.

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