Innovative Ad Testing Through Neurons and RealEye Partnership

Adam Cellary
January 26, 2024

Neurons Inc., a leader in consumer neuroscience, collaborates with Fortune 500 companies to enhance customer engagement using advanced tools like Predict and Explore. Their challenge was scaling online ad testing due to traditional eye-tracking's limitations, such as high costs and low flexibility.

The Collaboration

Neurons teamed up with RealEye, known for its webcam-based eye-tracking, to integrate scalable eye-tracking into Neurons' Explore tool. This partnership led to a custom plugin allowing ad placement testing on mockups across various devices without altering live websites. This innovation broadened the scope and efficiency of ad testing.

Impact of the Solution

This collaboration has transformed Neurons' Explore, enabling comprehensive eye-tracking data collection across digital platforms. The RealEye plugin enriches Neurons' analysis capabilities by adding attention tracking to the assessment of emotional and motivational responses, offering a more complete view of consumer interactions with ads.

Full Case study is available here:

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