Event report: Succeet 2023 in Wiesbaden by RealEye Team

Adam Cellary
October 30, 2023

Succeet 2023 in Wiesbaden was a great place to be in late October. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded people and see where the market research is heading and what it currently struggles with. 

Wiesbaden is a beautiful city in western Germany, near Frankfurt. We enjoyed staying in a hotel near the well-designed RheinMain Congress Center, where the venue was happening. The event was hosted on the entire ground floor, and it was filled with Market Research companies and enthusiasts. The event was divided into two days, and there were plenty of presentations from companies involved in it.

RealEye presentation about webcam based eye-tracking

RealEye was presenting on the first day, talking about the ease of use of behavioral data in running the research, both qualitative and quantitative. The presentation covered topics like:

  • webcam-based eye-tracking,
  • attention analysis,
  • reaction time tests,
  • integration with other tools like decipher, questionpro, and others.

During the presentation, we also stressed the pain points of running research (at least some types of study) in a laboratory environment. We showed that switching to "online" is a pretty straightforward process. Our system was receiving extended gratitude regarding the user-focused data protection policy (let's remember that RealEye is not recording anything while running the webcam eye-tracking studies) and also the fact that it runs entirely in any web browser and any device, skipping the need to download any additional software or plugins. 

We found a presentation of eye-square fascinating, especially the part about merging three mind systems involved in shopper research:

Understanding the difference between different brain systems (firstly described by Kahnemann in Thinking, Fast and Slow: Kahneman Daniel) is key to winning in "the game" of understanding human attention end behavior. Congratulations to Eyesquare!

RealEye network

We also had an excellent opportunity to meet with some of RealEye's customers (thanks for the ongoing feedback; if you're reading this, please check the RealEye dashboard; some of the improvements are already implemented!) and partners, including QuestionPro, whom we recently had the pleasure of running a fire chat with. Greetings, and I am looking forward to our further cooperation!

RealEye and QuestionPro Team

As we always do, we were looking into booths of other exhibitors. We must recognize the enormous quality of all MR significant players, including Behaviorally, Eyesquare, Mindline, Cint, SkoposNova, and many, many others. Still, mindline was outstanding with a beautiful space (not forgetting about the DJ set and bartender ;) ) but also with friendly people involved in bringing the Mr topics into broader discussions. Thanks, mindline!

Key learnings

We learned that the recent development of RealEye SDK can have a lot of potential in running on HTML mockups not only for advertisement placements but also for shelf testing. We'll for sure continue SDK developments to make sure its integration is as easy as possible, and it fits research needs. We also learned a lot about what tools are used daily on the German market to run Shopper research, UX research, and advertisement research. RealEye can be easily integrated and used in various cases. It was a great place to be in person and meet many people face to face who, until now, were only e-mail contacts—looking forward to the next Succeet!

Succeet 2023, bird-view perspective

Since there was a tremendous interest in how RealEye works, we decided to run a dedicated webinar for Succeet visitors. The link to registration can be found here: https://my.demio.com/ref/QOUSoaV0cYM4QmNk

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