Unravel’s eye-tracking study on Heineken Beers

Andrzej Morawski
May 23, 2023

About the case study

In this case study, we explore Unravel’s successful collaboration with RealEye (webcam, DIY eye-tracking platform), leveraging the platform to conduct a comprehensive study on Heineken beer. By harnessing RealEye’s advanced eye-tracking capabilities, Unravel uncovered valuable insights and enhanced its research methodologies. This article delves into the problem Unravel faced, the solution provided by RealEye, and the key takeaways from this groundbreaking partnership.

Graphics from the original Heineken case study by Unravel


Unravel faced a common challenge in the market research field: capturing authentic and reliable data on consumer behavior. Traditional research methods often rely on self-reported data, which can be influenced by biases and inaccuracies. In addition, Unravel encountered significant difficulties and limitations when conducting eye-tracking studies in a lab setting. The traditional approach to eye-tracking research in a lab proved to be expensive, time-consuming, and cumbersome.

Conducting eye-tracking studies in a lab required Unravel to invest in specialized equipment and facilities, which often came with high costs. The process of setting appointments and scheduling participants’ visits to the lab was often a time-consuming task involving coordination and logistics. Moreover, someone from the research team had to be present to accompany participants throughout their visit, adding further resource requirements.

The challenges of conducting eye-tracking research in a lab setting led Unravel to seek an alternative solution that could overcome these limitations and streamline their research process. They needed a more cost-effective, efficient, and flexible method for capturing participants’ eye movements and gathering reliable data on consumer behavior.


To address Unravel’s research needs, RealEye provided its cutting-edge eye-tracking platform. RealEye utilizes computer vision algorithms to track and analyze eye movements, providing real-time data on what individuals look at, for how long, and in what sequence. This integration of advanced eye-tracking technology into Unravel’s research process allowed for the capture of accurate and objective data on participants’ visual attention patterns.

Panelists take part in eye-tracking study at home

RealEye’s platform leveraged participants’ webcams to track and record their eye movements, providing accurate and reliable data without the need for expensive specialized equipment. The remote nature of the process allowed for a more flexible research schedule, reducing the need for extensive appointment coordination and the presence of research staff during data collection. This streamlined approach saved both time and resources, enabling Unravel to conduct its research more efficiently and effectively.

Unravel’s study design incorporated both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Participants were invited to interact with Heineken Silver, a lighter and more premium version of the regular Heineken lager, while their eye movements were tracked using RealEye’s remote eye-tracking system. Four variations of shelf placements were tested to measure the effect on attention and perception. RealEye’s online eye-tracking feature enabled respondents to participate from their homes, expanding the sample pool to an international level.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Cost-Effective Solution: RealEye’s online eye-tracking platform provided Unravel with a cost-effective alternative to lab-based eye-tracking studies, eliminating the need for expensive equipment and dedicated lab facilities.
  2. Time and Resource Efficiency: The remote participation enabled by RealEye’s platform significantly reduced the time and effort required for participant scheduling and coordination. The absence of the need for research staff to accompany participants during their visit further streamlined the research process, allowing for greater efficiency and flexibility.
  3. Reliable Data Collection: Despite the remote nature of the eye-tracking process, RealEye’s platform ensured the collection of accurate and reliable data on participants’ eye movements, providing valuable insights into consumer behavior.


Unravel’s collaboration with RealEye.io exemplifies the transformative impact of leveraging advanced eye-tracking technology in market research, specifically by overcoming the challenges associated with lab-based studies. RealEye’s online eye-tracking platform offered Unravel a cost-effective, efficient, and flexible solution for capturing participants’ eye movements and gathering reliable data. By eliminating the expenses, logistical complexities, and time-consuming nature of lab-based research, RealEye’s platform provided Unravel with a streamlined and effective approach to studying consumer behavior. This innovative solution empowers market research companies to conduct eye-tracking studies more efficiently, enabling them to derive deeper insights and make informed decisions based on accurate and actionable data.

The Original Unravel Case Study

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