RealEye vs. GazeRecorder Comparison

Andrzej Morawski
April 17, 2024

Both RealEye and GazeRecorder use a webcam for eye tracking. 


RealEye is an innovative online research platform that allows for webcam eye-tracking in behavioral and neuromarketing studies. By recording eye movements during stimulus presentation, RealEye provides valuable insights into user behavior. RealEye gives researchers the possibility to conduct a full study - from creation through data collection/ fielding to data analysis. RealEye is used by academics, businesses, market research/ neuromarketing and UX agencies.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Study Creation:some text
    • Researchers can easily set up studies within their web browser.
    • They can use images, videos, mockups, or live websites as stimuli.
    • RealEye allows customization by setting details for each item, defining clickable areas, and even asking follow-up questions.
    • External panel and survey integration streamline participant recruitment.
  2. Data Collection:some text
    • Participants’ eye movements are tracked using webcams.
    • The platform collects data from a web browser, making it accessible and convenient.
    • RealEye works not only with PCs and laptops but also with smartphones.
    • It captures attention, emotions, mouse movements, clicks, and keystrokes.
    • Researchers can easily use panelists provided by RealEye.
  3. Data Analysis:some text
    • Researchers can analyze the real time data using the online dashboard or export it to other tools. 
    • Features include individual and aggregated heat maps, gaze and fixation plots, and statistics based on fixations or gaze points. RealEye is measuring eye movement (number of fixations, time to first fixation, time spent, ratio etc.)
    • Areas of interest (AOIs) can be defined for deeper insights.
    • Raw and processed eye tracking data can be exported, and heatmaps and recordings downloaded.

RealEye is an eye tracking software designed to track consumers’ attention, for shopper research studies, ad testing, online solutions for remote usability testing, psychological and neuroscience studies and more.
The reason that it’s gaining popularity is that it requires no hardware, such as an infrared webcam.

RealEye’s customer support is highly praised, and the platform offers custom features, team collaboration, training, and access to a knowledge base. Whether it’s optimizing website design, understanding user behavior, or conducting market research, RealEye provides a powerful tool for gaining valuable insights through webcam eye-tracking.

GazeRecorder: GazeRecorder program, GazeInsight, GazeCloud API

GazeRecorder has created a set of different tools under the brand GazeRecorder. They all serve slightly different needs, so that is why, for beginners, it may be challenging to find your way in the maze of possibilities.

As for eye-tracking software, you have:

  • GazeRecorder - a Windows-based software that allows you to conduct eyetracking studies. In theory, you could run the studies remotely, but in practice, no one will ask study participants to first download and install the program on their device and, secondly give instructions on what stimuli to load after launching the software.
    GazeRecorder in this version is an affordable software for collecting eye-tracking data in the lab and is used by universities for research purposes.
  • GazeInsight, also called Online GazeRecorder, is an online version of the PC software. It allows users to create studies and run them remotely without the need to download any additional software. Gaze predictions happen in real-time, however, this requires a stable and reliable Internet connection as the video is streamed to GazeRecorder servers and in realtime gaze predictions are sent back.
  • GazeCloud API is a Java Script SDK that allows you to embed eye tracking in your platform or website. As in the previously mentioned GazeInsigths the video stream is to GazeRecorder is needed to do the real-time gaze estimation.

What to compare?

As GazeRecorder offers several solutions, I’ve compared 2 solutions that are closest to each other:GazeInsights and RealEye platform.

RealEye GazeInsights
Available for mobile devices (smartphone or tablet) Yes Yes
Emotions analysis Yes (basic emotions) No
Attention measurement (k-coefficient) Yes No
The system doesn’t stream participant's videos or images Yes (gaze predictions happens on participants device and no images or videos are sent RealEye servers) No (participants are recorded and video is streamed to GazeRecorder servers that reply with live gaze prediction)
Maximum study time allowance 60 min 10 min
Price for 10 minutes of ET for business (educational) use:
300 panelists
1000 panelists

$600 ($420)
$1,440 ($1,260)

$3,000 ($1,500)
$10,000 ($5,000)
Internet speed requirement Moderate (gaze estimation happens locally and no video nor images are transferred to RealEye) High speed (needed to stream panelists' video to servers to get gaze predictions)
Possibility to aggregate data from websites Yes No
Mockup wizard Yes No
Live hosted sessions Yes No
Keyboard tracking Yes No
Fixations Yes No
Languages served 31 12

The data were gathered and true on 10th of April 2024.

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