RealEye vs. iMotions Comparison

Andrzej Morawski
March 28, 2024 Eye-Tracking on Your Terms takes a web-based approach to eye-tracking research.  It bypasses the need for specialized hardware by utilizing participants' existing webcams on laptops, smartphones, or tablets. This allows for remote testing (so running online study), with users conveniently participating from their homes. goes beyond basic eye-tracking data, AOI metrics, and heatmaps, providing additional insights into attention levels and emotion analysis. All data can be exported for further analysis, and the platform integrates seamlessly with popular survey tools.  This budget-friendly option is ideal for researchers conducting small and large-scale studies with online participants.

iMotions Webcam Eye-Tracking: Controlled Lab Environment

While focuses on remote research, it seems iMotions focuses mainly on stationary/ in-lab research. The offer, however, covers webcam eye-tracking as well. IMotions approach leverages webcams alongside other psychophysiological equipment, allowing researchers to collect eye-tracking data alongside physiological responses like EEG (brain activity) and GSR (skin conductance). This comprehensive data provides in-depth insights into user experience, encompassing not just where a user looks but also their emotional and physiological reactions to stimuli. IMotions webcam eye-tracking is a powerful tool for researchers seeking a deeper understanding of user behavior (eye movement parameters) especially if used with EEG and GSR and emotions analysis module (you can determine the emotional state of participants).

Please check our RealEye vs iMotions Online comparison table:

RealEye iMotions Online
Free Trial Yes Na (no information provided)
Available for smartphone/tablet Yes No
Sampling rate Up to 60 Hz Na (not provided)
Emotion analytisis Covered by standard license (basic emotions) Additional module needed (by Affectiva)
Attention measurement (k-coefficient) Yes No
The system doesn’t record or store any participant's videos or images Yes (gaze predictions happens on participants device and no images or videos are sent or stored on RealEye servers) No (participants are recorded and video is stored on iMotions servers)

- 300 panelists
- 1,000 panelists

- $600
- $1,440

- $6,000
- $6,000
Minimal license length month year
What do I get for $6,000? Annual license with 3600 panelist spots Annual license with 1500 panelists spots.
Usable data 80%-90% 70% and 90% (estimated with
Internet speed requirement Moderate (gaze estimation happens locally and no video nor images are transferred to RealEye) High speed (needed to transfer panelists' video)
Possibility to aggregate data from websites Yes No
Mockup wizard Yes No
Live hosted sessions Yes No
Mouse & keyboard tracking Yes Na (no information provided)
API Yes Na (no information provided)
Languages served 31 12
Min RAM Requirement 4 GB 16 GB

The data were gathered and true in March 2024.

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