Comparison of RealEye vs Sticky by Tobii Pro

Andrzej Morawski
March 29, 2024

Eye tracking algorithms in both RealEye and Sticky use a webcam as an eye tracking device. In both cases recorded eye movements may be replayed and analyzed individually, but also in an aggregate way. Learn the difference between them: focus on webcam eye-tracking simplifies eye-tracking studies by integrating webcam-based eye tracking into an all-in-one online research platform. Researchers can easily set up studies using images, videos, mockups or live websites as stimuli and track eye movement. Data collection happens directly in web browsers, and the platform works with any webcam—even smartphones. Analyzing data is straightforward, with visualizations like heatmaps and gaze plots. However, also provides AOIs metrics (eye tracking metrics such as TTFF, Ratio, Time spent etc.), with attention and emotion analysis (emotion recognition is easy with RealEye as it uses facial coding). Eye tracking data is available for export through the platform as well as thanks to the API.

Sticky by Tobii Pro: one of many eye tracking products

Tobii is one of the leaders in eye tracking. However, they are focusing on hardware devices, integrations, and eye tracking in the automotive industry. Sticky by Tobii Pro is a product that definitely doesn’t have the highest priority for Tobii AG. It’s a webcam eye tracker that allows conducting remote studies in arrears of ads, packaging, and videos across devices. Sticky combines eye tracking with survey questions. Unbiased insights, customer perspective, and uncovering hidden insights make Sticky a valuable tool for marketers and UX professionals.

Both Sticky and RealEye offer tools to analyze visual attention. None of them imposes any eye tracking methodology so it’s up to the researcher how he/she wants to use eye tracking.

Learn what are the the main differences between RealEye and Sticky by Tobii:

RealEye Sticky by Tobii Pro
Free trial Yes Yes
Can serve as a mobile eye tracker Yes Yes
Emotions analysis Covered by standard license Covered by standard license
Attention measurement (k-coefficient) Yes No

- 300 panelists
- 1,000 panelists


What do I get for $6000? Annual license with 3600 own panelist spots License and possibility to invite 600 own panelists
Usable data 80%-90% 55-65%
Possibility to aggregate data from live websites Yes No
Mockup wizard Yes No
Live hosted sessions Yes No
Mouse & keyboard tracking Yes Mouse tracking
API Yes Yes

I gathered the data in March 2024, and I hope they will help you in the decision-making process.

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